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  1. Looks like they moved it. I found Offline Notebooks switches under Settings > General > Notebooks > Offline Notebooks (I have a premium account. Offline notebooks is my main reason.) BTW, I've had no problems with Evernote on iOS/Mac for many months. Perhaps that will change when I install the iOS 9 beta today :-) But if it does it won't be Evernote's fault!
  2. The fact that all lists of notes (all notes, search results, tags, etc.) are grouped by month drives me crazy. This should be optional or just turned off. What month a note was edited is the least important aspect of notes. Most often, a search finds notes over a long period where each month only contains one note. All that month grouping does is waste most of the space on my (iPad) screen and require a lot of scrolling for results that could be displayed at once. I don't care as much if it's list or thumbnail format (although I prefer list and use it on desktop). -- Paul (premium, user since 7/13/08)
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