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  1. Thank you for that link. engberg says this in that thread "The current Windows client does not highlight search results within the inline PDF preview. You would need to open the PDF (e.g. double-click) in your preferred PDF viewer to search, highlight, copy, paste, etc." But how can I search in Adobe Reader if the ocr only works in Evernote? I really hope this feature is not mac-only as jbenson would in fact be right in saying the video is bogus. No where in that blog, or mentioned in the video, does it say that it's only supported on the mac. The video just says "look, on the free version of Evernote no search results are found, pay for the premium version on suddenly 7 results are found and highlighted". If it only works like that on one platform it should have been clearly mentioned in the video and blog. I've also checked again on the premium page where it advertises what you get when you pay your money. Again I can see no reference to it saying that the searching of pdf documents is only fully functions on the mac client. I think its bad practice to start introducing features that only work on the mac (or PC) and even worse to not advertise those differences when they are marking it as a feature of the paid version. At the moment the only information I have from Evernote is the forum thread posted by burgersNFries from over a year old. The blog and premium pages make no mention that the pdf search functionality on the PC doesn't really work. So i'm still hoping that I've overlooked something and the ability to search pdf documents, as advertised on the premium page, is available on the PC version.
  2. Bogus? But it lists "Search within PDFs" as a premium feature on the official Evernote website. At the moment i'm no better off with the premium version than I was with the free version. Evernote has ocr's my pdf's but what's the point in this if I can't search and locate for text within the document! This feature has been in for a while surely someone has worked out how to use it?
  3. If my pdf documents were already searchable, like yours, I could have just stuck with the free version. The free version allows you add pdf documents and search them, assuming they already contain like yours. When the pdf documents do not already contain text, like mine, you have to fork out for the premium version which lists "Search within PDF's" as one of its features. Did you see the video in the link I posted? it shows how you can search for some text and Evernote will highlight the text you searched for. This is what I paid for.
  4. OK lets say I have a 100 page pdf document and I want to know where the word "treehouse" is within this document. How do I find it?
  5. @jbenson2 Maybe I should have called the thread how do I use the "Search within the PDFs" feature. I just want to know how to use it not understand the technicalties underneath. My pdf files do not contain text that I can select and copy, its just image data which is why I need Evernote to carry out the OCR so I can search for the text later on. When I create new pdf dcouments in the future they will be in the same format because my scanner does not do ocr.
  6. Just read the blog post about this feature and you can clearly see in the video that you can search the pdf after it has been ocr'd and Evernote highlight the search string in the document. I'm sure I must be missing something really simple here and i'm going to kick myself. http://blog.evernote.com/2009/07/27/pdf-search/
  7. I've paid for the premium version of Evernote as I have a lot of pdf documents in image form. I was under the impression that Evernote could OCR these documents and then I could use Evernote to search and locate text within these documents. The OCR side of things seems to work very well and appears to be very accurate. However I can't work out how to search these PDF document within Evernote. If I search for a peice of text Evernote just returns a list of the documents that contain the text which isn't a lot of help as how am I supposed to find out where that text is within the document? I've tried opening the pdf documents in Adobe Reader after they have been ocr'd as suggested in another thread but Adobe Reader doesn't see the Evernote OCR information so its not possible to search for anything. So how does this work?
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