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  1. Dear DT Low, the reason is simple: With regard to Evernote this is true in particular because it misses export and import functionality for such a widespread and highly valued format like Markdown. Kind regards, Peter
  2. Hello, I just received your announcement about new webfeatures in German (https://links.comms.evernote.com/e/evib?_t=84bd64b57134499c9e3dacd6d3ed435a&_m=8893a610d89d45208bc7bdb92afdb1d7&_e=_ZDMc_GZFiUoGRVsOQvPp-sboxaOuRmItIq3mGqC2mzayyHjgXwyRq4gTTLpbU_EDnlNokAG674qL1GId4GYiQqj_gvwupDkdtQhp9HpjFUavEFkNcUFY6MdlBLDgqJh). The embedded link to get further information resolves ... to an error alert (see below). Please improve your quality management! Many thanks and kind regards, Peter
  3. Hello DTLow, Many thanks for your reply. I know that Evernote does not provide this feature. > This is the reason why I posted it here as "General Feature Request". Editing sourcecode is very likely possible with any operating system, but I need a robust tool and no further opportunity to tinker. Inbetween I found even another forum entry with the same request: > My conclusion is that there will be no Evernote with this feature. The same applies to Markdown-support, also a long time request with no implementation: > Ignoring such basic feature requests over years and decades hurts, because it devaluates the potential for Evernote for many of it's users and true fans. Kind regards, Peter Ebenhoch
  4. Hello I encountered an issue, simply caused by pasting word content: The line spacing was much too big. I even found a relevant forum entry here as question how to adjust line spacing: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/14513-how-to-change-line-spacing/ Anyhow, this entry is 10 years old and seem, to my surprise still be unresolved. > So please let me know, if there will be a solution available and when. Please note: I do know, that I can paste without formatting. But, I want to change line spacing only without loosing the other text attributes. Many thanks and kind regards,, Peter Ebenhoch
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