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  1. @Mike P the little delays on loading content are a little annoying -- but for my core workflows (creating notes / reading notes), I don't notice a huge different, and the speed on search feels much faster to me (especially in surfacing results from older notes). At least I haven't noticed a big slowdown. But I'm just N=1
  2. @Don Dz Yeah I noticed that seemed to be the only option -- not a great way of handling it if you ask me...
  3. To add an extra layer of security, I've encrypted certain notes and have noticed that v10 seems to remove the ability to edit the encrypted content. Is this feature coming back to future versions?
  4. I generally appreciate the new look & speed improvements of 10.0 -- but one issue I've run into is I've made heavy use of the Evernote Web Clipper for clipping Gmail threads with attachments in the past. Since moving to v10 -- most of these notes show up as "HTML content" with the attachments inaccessible unless I apply the "simplify formatting" command on the block -- is there a way I can do this to all my notes at once?
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