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  1. That's correct. I wasn't event notified that I was down to basic - that's the first problem.
  2. Not panicking - just very unhappy with the customer support. Much larger organisations than Evernote manage to communicate in circumstances like. I've been told to wait 4 business days for the card to be re-presented, and then to "update my card". If Evernote told me to do the upgrade myself, I would have. That was not their advice. In the intervening 6 days (Sat->Thurs), I can only access my 11 years of notes on 2 platforms, and can't edit some large notes. We'll see how things go...
  3. Agree that not updating my card is on me. Completely. I still think that they ought ask "hey - we had a problem" before locking me out with Basic. They might have millions of paid users, but the failed payment number would be nothing like that. They could automate a nice email, and hold the downgrade for a few days while the customer could respond. Anyway - won't be a problem in a short while. Cheers
  4. I've been a PAID Evernote user since 2010. Found I had been downgraded to Basic as my credit card had changed and they I hadn't updated the details. Rather than let me know, Evernote just downgraded me to basic with NO NOTIFICATION - so I can't access my notes on more than 2 devices, and some notes I can't edit because of the note size limitations. After complaining, I've had a message which in essence said "We're sorry, we'll try again within 4 days". That is completely unsatisfactory - how about "Oh hell, you've been paying for 11 years! What we should have done was reach out to you and see if your credit card had changed, and keep you on your current plan until we sort this out. We'll represent the new card you told us about asap, and let you know that outcome. Again, apologies." Nup. Hopeless. For the first time in 11 years (which included the disaster years with the feature downgrades etc, including the hopeless export options) I am now working out how to get off this platform. I can tolerate mediocre software, but not mediocre/terrible customer service.
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