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  1. Posting for the good of the forum. Every time I have contacted Evernote I used the webform. The only time I used e-mail to technically communicate with them was when replying to my most recent support request. Thanks for clearing up the confusion on how to record the submission, I have the auto response and ticket numbers for these if David wishes to touch base with me and get them. I'd also like to clean up the confusion of contacting support 5 times, having looked back at auto response e-mails I have contacted EN 3 times in the past 1 calendar month, of those three responses I received a reply to 1. The other 2 mentioned were from previous months when I was a free member so I can't complain too much about them. Search features in e-mail can be great at times, not so great when you just count up the number of auto responses!
  2. This is a perfect example of how to use Evernote. If you take a screen shot of each request, you will have the date, time, and exact wording of each request to support your statement. My personal experience with the help request line is the same as Dave reported. Answers come through in minutes. I'm unsure what you mean by taking a screenshot of requests, with dates and times etc. Well yes this time support did respond within 11 minutes as David said and I thank them for that, sadly the response given didn't solve the problem. Since then I've been waiting for more information. For me David's response could have been much better, rather than tell me that Evernote responded within 11 minutes, he could have asked me if the issue had been resolved, why I felt Evernote don't respond to support requests. Gather more information about the situation and try to rectify it for other users. The fact that I have come to the forum to voice my concerns should have already been a worry for Evernote, after all why should customers have to shout to be heard? All that has been gained from contacting support is an unhappy customer that feels they are being ignored. According to The George Washington University a dissatisfied customer on average will tell 9-10 people about the experience, 13% will tell more than 20 people. Greater than 90% of dissatisfied customers say they will not buy or come back again. 50-70% would return if the problem is resolved, 95% will return if resolved quickly.
  3. I don't know if Heather replied or not, it was undersigned "Evernote Support". I have sent two replies back to this query and have not received anything back. I sent as a reply a screenshot and then a snapshot of the console log. I sent a one query on the 21st September and another on 7th September with no response other than the auto responder.
  4. Why is Evernote support so lousy? I'm a premium customer and I have e-mailed support 5 times about separate issues. Some I have been able to solve myself others have just gone unanswered. Of those 5 I have got a response on one. On that one the response I got didn't solve the problem, I replied and still no response. I mean what is going on? This is shocking!
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