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  1. i didn't get any ticket number. After submitting it said ticket successfully submitted but i didn't receive any email. i did it three times already. Maybe the new system is not reliable to go through? Is there another way? I checked my junk- and spam mail
  2. Since the new ticket system has been introduced, i wrote 3 inquiries in the last 4 weeks and none were answered. Each time i got the "ticket was sent" confirmation. Evernote support used to answer within 1 business day. That's really frustrating since the topic is severe for me. The problem is on the Mac, that sometimes pictures i have included in evernote, sometimes after a few days just disappear with only a blue box with a white question mark replacing them. It frequently happened with images copied from PPT files, but also others. I can reproduce it when i do the following, but sometimes it happened without me doing anything like that: When i drag and drop a picture from evernote into photoshop, most of the time it works flawlessly. However, sometimes evernote asks: the picture already exists, do you want to replace it. When i click cancel, nothing happens at first. When you then right click on that picture in evernote, the option "open with" disappears and when you relaunch Evernote, the picture is gone and a question mark is there instead in a blue box. Strikingly along with that usually more than just that picture disappear, in different notes from different days and different notebooks. I use evernote for work as a scientist and it is absolutely essential that i can rely on evernote storing the files in a way that i can get them back. If pictures randomly disappear after a certain time, then there is no reliable way to use it for my purpose and a lot of work can be lost since i don't keep the originals after uploading and successfully syncing. Anyone any suggestions on both issues? (no reply from premium support and the pictures disappearing) Thanks, Ali
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