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  1. I also want to add my +1 vote for this feature. Would love to be able to click a single button in the note editing window to insert a date and time stamp. -steve
  2. +1 for linking between notes within evernote, +1 for linking to a note from an external document. -steve
  3. Cool. I zoomed in on your image and it appears that the Kittson 4 text is 9 pixels high and the Pembina 2 is only 5 pixels high. So it seems like a character height of 9 or 10 pixels might be as small as one would want to go for accurate, reliable OCR?
  4. What is the optimum relationship between font size and picture resolution for the evernote OCR functionality? I would imagine that there is some range of "pixels per character" which is large enough for reliable character recognition, but not too big so I waste a lot of bandwidth and overrun my monthly quota. Is it reasonable to do character recognition if the characters are 12 pixels high? How about 10? 8? How badly does the reliability fall off as the pixel height of the characters goes down? Just wondering, -steve
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