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  1. Thanks gazumped, Yes. I only use local drive. And always have automatic backups to external 3 TB drives (3 such drives exist - so 3 way-mirrored). And always carry my laptop which is also synced automatically in the night with the desktop. I have 1 more laptop. All are synced as well. Hence at any point of time, I have 6 mirrored files. Its hard for me to lose data (hasn't happened yet - hope I am not jinxing myself). At this point of time, I am not comfortable with cloud service. Maybe later. So, I guess with sync only option, I have to use lower versions of webclipper/firefox or altogether quit EN. I shall try the first option and see how far I get along. Maybe EN will update the EN desktop client to stop receiving clipped notes from clipper. That would be devastating!. Thanks again, drb
  2. Hope my understanding is correct. when you say 'save to local', my understanding is that it clips to local EN (on the harddrive) and doesn't require sync. I used to do it that way with free account and in my desktop EN, all sync was disabled. It worked fine. Now if EN has decided to disable that option of clipping to desktop EN (and requires sync to bring it to desktop), then whether it is free or premium, EN has become a less useful product for me. I am not sure how many customers are there like me, who doesn't like cloud service and/or can't afford premium as this would put a big damper on !
  3. Unfortunately, I was using FF for a quite number of years, frequent crashing of flash. recently lead me to switch to chrome. Very sad!! I can understand its a business with EN. But removing 'save to local' option in future web clippers versions mean, people have to 'subscribe' to premium. When there is not so much demand for EN use (for me) and for people who prefer not to use cloud service, this is a very big disappointment!! It is quite unfortunate that EN chose to twist the arm of users to get them to 'subscribe'.
  4. Great!! I would appreciate if you can point me to the clipper extension for Chrome too (earlier version of clipper with clip to desktop). Is EN planning to retain clipping to local hard drive or will it be excluded forever? Thanks,
  5. Not sure where to post.... I am running the latest version of Chrome and Firefox and respective latest versions of EN webclippers. In both browsers, when I clip, the clip isn't migrating into the desktop EN. It is taken in only after I hit 'sync'. Additionally I have to sign into webclipper. I don't remember this hiccup before. Can somebody please guide me?
  6. Hallelujah!! It worked. Issue was with Windows 10. Solution is here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3083806 The above article doesn't suggest to reboot computer. Only after I did it, I was able to get rid of the squares. Had to install the font and not add the language. (my preference) Thank you so much, Austin for creating the ticket, working with me all these days and trying to resolve. Hats off to EN team for excellent support and professionalism. Have a great day! drb
  7. Sadly, I just another user had similar issue and it remains unresolved. Can somebody help? Alternatively, I would like to go back to v5 and be there and not upgrade. Is the older version available still? thanks,
  8. Hope somebody can help me out. I have/had several notes in a folder that are from a particular website that uses font (foreign) which doesn't require any font installation on my windows. I collected / clipped articles using web clipper and saved it to my desktop. It all read fine in EN. Now after updating to v6, all I see is plenty of squares and questions marks here and there. However, if I copy those squares from EN and paste onto say notepad, the foreign font magically appears and reads well. Could somebody please help? Thanks,
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