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  1. Same here. For about 2 weeks now. Open Evernote, shows interface and notes, closes within 5 seconds. Uninstall, reboot, re-install. Same behavior. Evernote.exe v. (0x80000003) EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT at 0x0fa8de37 Evernote for Windows (303788) Public Client info: Evernote Windows/303788 (en-US, DDL); Windows/10.0.14393 (Win64); Processor Info: 4 INTEL level 6 revision 0x3c03 Operating System Info: 10.0 build 14393 EVERY EVERYNOTE LOG ENTRY SHOWS FAILS IN THIS SAME ORDER / AT THE SAME POINT: ... ... ... 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: Initializing Engine [[0],[],"has saved state"] 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: getMessages 15:25:59 [9592] Communication Engine client handler failed to retrieve cached events from local data store 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: placementsAvailable: [] 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: processServerResponse [] 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: Save state {"expireTime":1483662359207,"supportedTriggerTypes":[],"supportedPlacements":[0],"potentialMessages":[],"preparedPlacements":{},"communicationEngineUpdateId":0} 15:25:59 [9592] Comms Engine: placementsAvailable: []
  2. I tried jefito's ENScript, changed the tag to something in my list, but nothing happens when I click the link. Evernote is editing the link to: file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Evernote/Evernote/ENScript.exe%22%20showNotes%20/q%20%22tag:Domains I have verified the directory is correct for my system and in fact, if I remove everything after ENScript.exe, Evernote will try to execute the file... just having trouble sending the options to it. Any thoughts?
  3. +1 I would use (and need) this for dynamic outlining. The outline is an indented list of hyperlinks based on searches. Yes, tagging gives similar functionality, but I want to execute the search from within a note, not the Toolbar or the Tag list. I would like to have an outline within a note with my comments and images to use as a Dashboard. Search hyperlinking (like note hyperlinking) would work on mobile and desktop. I'm aware you can drag and drop a search on the Toolbar, but I need it within a note and to also work on mobile... thanks.
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