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  1. +1 Most of my notes I create on the Desktop version of Evernote involve indented bullets. It is the best way to organize information visually for me and my clients. Hope a way can be found to do this!
  2. How about only allowing this on plain text notes? I REALLY want Evernote to be the only note-taking application on my phone, but it isn't there yet. I take lots of quick notes and no other note application opens notes up in a locked non-editable state (I understand why Evernote does). I want to be able to click a shortcut/widget on my desktop and be typing additions to that note instantly. I cannot allow Evernote to capture my ideas because by the time the note loads, press menu, edit...the idea is gone. Other options are to mark a notebook as plain text notes which can be opened editable. There must be some ways to lessen this gap Evernote has with other note-taking apps. Yes it has lots of features, but the simplicity of quickly jotting a note cannot be underestimated. Please consider how others use this application. I hope this feature is added soon and I can slowly start to remove other note applications from my phone!
  3. Being able to search for tags would be excellent as well. This may be possible but I have not figured out how to. I have ~125 tags sorted hierarchically and easily forget how exactly I sorted them. If I was able to type a couple letters to find the tag quickly that would be a savior.
  4. If you are loaning your phone for others to use they can read/delete your email and uninstall applications. If you do not trust them to A. not snoop on your phone or B. Accidentally open up Evernote and read personal information, then you should probably not lend it out. That said... Have you tried the encrypted text feature? If you are keeping sensitive data in Evernote then I strongly suggest using this. I just tested this by creating a note on my Desktop client and then synced to phone. I was able to unlock the text easily. You could just use a couple characters, no need for a complex password. Another option is to try one of the Android apps which will lock applications on your phone. I know there is a app called 'App Lock' which should meet your demands. This will allow you to block access to any application including email and SMS. Good luck and I hope with this information you can use Evernote daily on your Android like I do now!
  5. This worked for me on a Samsung Vibrant leaked Froyo ROM.
  6. I also was not able to add a shortcut to one of my saved searches from the desktop client either. Hopefully this request and some of his other ones can be implemented in the next version! Great work, this is finally coming together. Now I might actually start using my Evernote Android app daily!
  7. How is the audio record supposed to work within the app? I tried clicking the microphone icon but that just gave me a new note with a folder icon titled audio2010-16-..... I submitted a bug report because I also got an error when I tried to view this attachment. I was able to use a third party app to record a voice note. This will be a great way to keep my voice notes synced to my computer!
  8. I understand the need to keep alpha's and possibly betas in private beta testing, but what makes the Android market so great is you can release an update, get instant feedback, and fix it. If the development team is proficient enough, this could dramatically reduce the time it takes to roll out these features. When I see things get to the Beta5 stage, I think by releasing an almost ready app in the market will get you much more valuable feedback and speed up development. People who constantly tinker their product and delay shipping in pursuit of perfection often fail much more than those that put something out there and adjust it based on feedback. That said, I am looking forward to testing out an Android client with an improved UI and abilities to hopefully download notes, edit them, and change the tags of already made notes. Anything else would just be a bonus. Keep up the great work and maybe have the new head developer come into the forum and say hello!
  9. Wow nice job on the new UI to view the notes. It is looking really good and can't wait until I can make quick edits on my notes. I use a lot of list notes so to be able to add/remove lines will be great. I like the progress which is being made and will start testing out more of the features to see if I can replicate any bugs.
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