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  1. I guess so. Wasn't sure if that would be something Evernote wrote the API for or the other way around.
  2. I can open a note on the iPhone and use Siri to "remind me of this". It will put a link in the built-in iOS Reminders app to the Evernote note. Love this feature, however, now that MacOS Sierra has Siri built it, I'm wondering if the "remind me of this" feature will come to the Mac. Right now, Siri responds with "I can not remind you about the app". I know EN has built in reminders. I use EN reminders in a different way (longer term tickler file). Would love to know if this feature is coming!
  3. Thanks @gazumped I was very curious if anyone else ran into the same situation, and if I could adequately explain where I was coming from. I think what I've decide to do is put tasks/projects in EN as the exception instead of the rule. For example, maybe I'm researching something for a customer that takes a few weeks/months but doesn't necessarily fall under something that is billable (because it'll apply to multiple clients, or whatever). I could then be disciplined to copy/paste the research back into the company software. I really don't get any value out of put
  4. I have used EN for quite a while for task management. I have a hybrid set up consisting of what works for me from GTD & TWS. Nothing major. I like the system well enough and find it acceptable. I'm also moving my journal from DayOne (Mac) over to EN just to keep everything under one roof. This is a side story really, but the point is, I'm basically living in EN preferring to have one application for many needs instead of multiple applications. Although I think DayOne serves as a journal somewhat better than EN, EN can very well accommodate. So, the theme lately for me has been to
  5. I like the separate notebook idea. I'll also try the "sharedate:*" search. I don't share a lot of notes, but occasionally like to know which ones I've shared. It's usually for short term use. I guess you could tag the note "shared" when you share it so you'll have a full list of shared notes that way, but you have to remember to tag it. I was looking for the same information as the OP.
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