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  1. My company's business account does have a default notebook for some reason and we can't change it. This is causing confusion. I am an admin on the account and have no idea how this happened. The default notebook is first alphabetically.
  2. Awesome tip Jeff! I couldn't figure out how to get spaces into my tag search "OA3501 Inventory Theory" so I changed the tags to "OA3501-Inventory-Theory" and it works like a charm.
  3. +1 I use Personal Brain and link to a lot of Evernote Notes. If I could link to a search this would allow for dynamic updating of the links. Very nice! So the use case is that I teach classes. I am inputting information and material into Evernote. I could link the Evernote search for the class to the Personal Brain item and have a dynamic link that shows me all the Evernote material related to that class. Nice!
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