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  1. Hi. I was wondering if there is any way to enlarge the viewing font size for Evernote on Android? I already have my system font set to large and I don't want to make it any bigger. It just seems that the Evernote viewing font is still small. Also, it used to be that when I did pinch to zoom the font would increase but the text would wrap to the screen but now it just enlarges but without text wrapping - is this a deliberate change?
  2. Hi. I've just upgraded to premium. I've synced both my desktop client & Android device (Samsung Galaxy S, 2.2) since going premium but my Android still says I'm on the Free version and won't let me select any notebooks for offline viewing. When I tap on "Go premium" it sends me online and tells me I am premium. What do I do? Thanks, Phil G
  3. Hi. I've copied some text from a Docs to Go document and pasted it into Evernote on my Android (Samsung Galaxy, 2.1). However, it isn't syncing & is stuck in Pending notes. Here is the error from the Error log: NoteUploader.uploadnote EDAMUserException: null errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION, parameter=An invalid xml character (unicode: 0x) was found in the element content of the document. Now, that might be true - but what on earth does it mean & how do I fix it!!?? Thanks for any help!! Phil G
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