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  1. The workaround for this is quit Evernote using the menu (File-Quit). Then kill off any remaining Evernote processes. When you restart Evernote, you should see your note content as well as content in the About, and Check updates and other popups. Annoying, but it's consistent.
  2. Yes, indeed. If you just close Evernote, it keeps running in the background. That's nice because it really restarts quickly when you open it again. However, if you like to let your computer "suspend" or "hibernate" this does not behave well. Exiting Evernote using the menu (File- Quit) helps, but sometimes still does not kill all the processes, this continuing to consume memory. After quitting Evernote, kill any malingering processes. yeha, I thought at first Evernote had some sort of memory leak, but what was happening was more and more dead processes were taking up memory. A different sort of memory leak, I suppose.
  3. In my legacy version (I don't remember the version number), while focus was in the note content, the title would auto populate from the first line in the note. I sort of liked that, but that behavior is gone in the new version. I agree, defaulting focus to the title could be useful, or at least having the option to configure it would be nice. I suppose F2 is acceptable for me. It would be nice. due to my keyboard being weird, I just noticed that Shift tab in an empty note moves the cursor to the Title field, and Tab moves the cursor to the note content area. I think that's more intuitive for me than F2 (for which I have to hold another "fn" key).
  4. Folks, I have experienced the same problem. I found that "restarting" Evernote and "quitting" Evernote are two different things. Just closing the Evernote window and reopening it does not solve this issue. Selecting "Quit Evernote" from the "File" menu usually kills all the Evernote processes, and the issue is resolved (until the next time my computer hibernates for longer than some unspecified time). Version 10.5.x does not resolve this issue. If File\Quit Evernote doesn't work, going back to Task Manager to End Task any remaining Evernote processes always does the trick. This is the LEAST of my issues with the new Evernote. But I'll save that for another post.
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