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  1. Thanks for all your advice. Looks like I need to a spring clean on my Notebooks!
  2. I can no longer add any notebooks as I get this message: The notebook 'Blah' could not be synched. Too many notebooks. I didn't realize there was a limit.
  3. Thats a real shame. I'm just setting up a company account for all common information, ie phone numbers, contacts, wi-fi numbers, IP addresses and just thought I could log out of my desktop client on my mac and log-into the work one I've created. So if I get everyone using the work version on desktop, PC Blackberry and iPhones which I'll do, they're not likely to get there own personal accounts (losing 'pro' revenue for Evernote) as the web interface will be their only choice, which is in no way the broad experience that I get with my account which I've been using for about a year and love. Is this really not possible in the future?
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