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  1. It happened to me before. When I created a large size note, it tried to upload to the server and for some reason failed in the middle. Then it automatically tried again and again, finally I got lots same note but all are fragmentary.
  2. Hi PinkElephant, I think your suggestion is very close to the truth. I installed the Revo Uninstaller but it cannot find EN! However, in Control Panel - Programs and Features there is EN. Do you know how to fix this situation now? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks PinkElephant, I have tried your suggestion with no luck. I suspect the evernote file corrupted in this laptop. Besides this note count issue, it doesn't show note count figure next to every notebook, only shows a total note count number of my whole notes and which is incorrect. Additionally, when I right click any notebook choose Export Notebook, it gave me an error red message: Failed to delete tag. I have been struggled with this for two day. Any further suggestion would be appericated.
  4. Hi, I cleared all of my notes now on web page, on iPhone, and on a desktop pc all shows 0, and no any other notes shared to me. But only on a Windows 10 version 10.17.8, it shows 169 total notes, and when I click it, on the right side shows 3 notes without any contents because they are deleted already. Also on trash bin shows 33 notes but actually the bin has been cleard and I can prove it on web page and iPhone and a desktop pc. On this laptop, if I install a legacy version evernote it shows correctly. I have tried uninstall the new version, restart, delete \app\local\evernote data, reinstall, no luck. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks.
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