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  1. Totally agree. although now working reasonably well on our iMacs albeit it fairly slowly it is a complete disaster on iPads. My interior design business has run on Evernote for 7 years with no problems, we are now having to take notes in clients houses using pen and paper - a totally retrograde step. Please Evernote get it sorted soon. You literally have cost me so much time and money in wasted staff hours, having to go back on site because images have disappeared and made us look like amateurs instead of the slick professionals we used to be. And by the way your "help and feedback" is totally worse than useless. Is there really nothing I can do to get real help ???? I will put these comments on social media to see if anyone else is having the same problem as somehow I don't think this will even get past your moderator
  2. once an annotation has been placed on an Image and saved it is impossible to go back I and change the words or figures. You can highlight the annotation but as the keyboard will not appear or the cursor you cannot change any previous facts or measurements placed on the image. Most of the time when you click on an image in a note to annotate it there is only a blank white screen with the arrow and colour show but no image. either on or off line. I used to be able to work offline for hours in a clients house, that is now impossible.
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