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  1. Only on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 {JB v4.3 + Gear w/Evernote) does AVX fail to login to my Evernote account. I have un & reinstalled both apps along with the Bullet Proof Gateway app (what AVX uses to connect to Evernote) and still no joy! My 3 other Samsung phones are different models running older OS's and they work just fine... During the AVX to EverNote setup I "Sign In" to my EverNote Account OK, then when I follow through on the "Re-authorize" page, I get the following error in the phones browser: This webpage is not available The webpage at en-eva4android-5925://callback?oauth_token=eva4android- (Then a long series of numbers followed by) CAB&oauth_verifier= (and a shorter series of numbers] might be temporarily down.... yada, yada, yada.... Next, I receive an email from EverNote stating: Successfully connected Evernote account to AVX. However; When AVX tries to connect to EverNote the connection fails and an AVX log entry states "Evernote logIn failed"... The AVX developer said he "has no suggestions" for me... so I'm hoping I could get some guidance from the EverNote side of the fence. I'm not a developer (wish I was though...) but am a power user and a self-employed IT guy so, I understand most basic concepts involving hardware, software, Internetworking and such on Android phones. Anybody here have a tip or three for me? Many thanks for any help,RAy
  2. Some of the text (the number of Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Places and Sync Activity) appears gray in color which can be rather difficult to read in some lighting conditions. All the other text looks just fine. I know my eyes aren't the freshest, but it sure would be a relief if that text was the same color as the titles are. Can this be changed? Thanks!!
  3. If I may also add: I use EN extensively for maintaining my work logs for both In-House and Out-House ( or should I say, In-Field...) time sensitive jobs. I create a note at Start of Job and then throw in all manner of entry types as the job progresses. A final entry made at the End of Job or End of Job Session marks the End Time On Job. Most jobs are completed in one day but, if said job is stopped or completed when I'm in the Out-House or In-Field and using my Galaxy Note (brag, brag) and not a PC, I have to jump through flaming hoops to discover Start Time and End Time. Yes; I'm lazy but, I'm thinking my tech tools should be handling all that extraneous stuff while I turn the nuts, bolts and screws and push those buttons... Oh; If a client wants to know what I did to justify the time they pay me for... Guess what I give them access to! EverNote.... I Love You but, there's room to love you more in Android. Please give us Date AND Time Stamps just like you do in Windows............. Love , RAy .
  4. Yes; No workie for me either... Nothing (of the email kind) is getting through, with or without attachments... I sent a notice to Support. My guess is they'll get it fixed right after they have their morning coffee....
  5. Yesterday; A photo-note upload was delayed due to loss of cell signal. I didn't sweat it till later when I noticed that all 2250+ notes & 100+ Notebooks, all of which were set to Offline Notebook Mode, are missing on the phone. On my Windows PCs, those same notes & notebooks appear to be intact. Phone has been restarted. Devices (including 2+ PC's) were still syncing. Only new & changed notes from both phone & PC's show up on phone. When I ask the phone to show me the Notebooks, it lists a few (for the New/Changed Notes that it shows exist) each having the name of Null I'm Scared Now..... :shock: Had phone check for updates but, nothing new? Is running v2.6 (public) After browsing the SD card, it appears that the Offline Notebook data are still on the phone but the phone doesn't seem to be aware of that and doesn't look for same on the server. I will also state the following in the order in which these events occurred: The USB Icon had been on when no cable was plugged into the port. I had to restart the phone in order to get the indicator to go away... After wanting to switch my phone to another EN user account, I pressed SignOff. A message followed that indicated I would looze data if I continued so; I made certain I pressed Cancel to stay safe. I believe it said that I would loose all of my Offline Notebooks.... Is This True??? If so; Is there a work-around? How do I get the EV Phone program to resync with the phone itself? (Or to fix what ever it is that's gone wrong...) Thanks In Advance, RAy
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