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  1. Hey @sliwalker, if it's at all helpful, I'm using Version 6.8 (453749 App Store, that's the latest I think too), with El Capitan 10.11.6, Macbook Pro (15", mid-2010, older than yours) with an external 24" monitor placed above my MacBook (see the thread above, this was a key problem for me a while back). It's working for me now and has been since the update 6.0.11. I agree with you that this function alone is incredibly useful and one of the key reasons I use Evernote daily. I suggest you explore monitor placement or perhaps updating your MacBook. I feel your pain. G
  2. Yeah, no, that idea of clearing cookies, was plausible... but doesn't work for me. I'm a premium member and will call in support. Groan.
  3. Well, knock me over with a feather. I really didn't expect it to be fixed, but hooray!! with 6.0.11 it is fixed for me. My issue seemed to be determined by the placement of the primary monitor below the secondary monitor. Finally, it works with abandon. Hooray!!
  4. Hey, there @Jackolicious, I'm wondering if you or your QA team can update us based on the feedback to the "can't reproduce" point. I think we've now given you enough so that it's 100% reproducible. It's such an annoying paper cut. Oh, and perhaps you can buck for a second monitor yourselves just to be sure it doesn't creep in again later (do us a favor and install it so that the display appears above your main monitor -- then we'll know you'll spot this bug the next time.) Enquiring minds... Cheers, b
  5. Ditto. I've been very frustrated by this for months now. The fix for this subtle but important variation is NOT in the latest version (6.0.5) using MacOS and a DVI monitor. The clues above helped me to isolate the problem however which may be a test escape in Evernote's testing. - Arrange monitors side-by-side: no problem - Arrange monitors top/bottom (especially useful in a standing desk arrangement): The clip attempts some level of mirrored space below. See details here: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAJOflmCm5hBgKipgH_r6GCx4QB8tVtO8PY Happens 100% BTW, special thanks to this thread fo
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