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  1. sorry, I didn’t understand. Fixed or not?
  2. no guys, this doesn't work. having such excellent functionality, it is all killed by a very, very slow integration. for a dynamic workflow, it’s not at all appropriate to wait for 2-3 hours for the filter to trigger. it’s a pity (((. and it’s a pity that Evernote itself does not have such functionality. I disable this service and I hope that Evernote will implement something like that.
  3. here is my log. there are only 2 tasks. but the processing time of one of the tasks took 8 hours! wrote in support. here is their answer: "2 to 3 hours is really too slow. We will take a look on it." I noticed something else - not everything is done according to the routine. The service features are great. but it is very slow for me. I have a denameric working day. wanted to create a dynamic todo system. but apparently will not work (((
  4. Filterize great in functionality but very slow for me. Change is happening very slowly. A few hours (((. Or am I doing something wrong?(sorry for my English. This is not my native language.)
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