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  1. Ok, thanks, you're probably right. I might try switching to the 3rd address, then maybe I'll have the option of switching back to the second (desired) address. Thanks.
  2. Hello, thanks for the message. I have tried that and it still doesn't work. I've also just tried revoking access to Google within the Connected Services, but no luck. I'm still stuck with this problem: I'm logged in with the original Gmail address I try to change to the new Gmail address within the security summary, but I'm told it is already in use I log out and try to log back in with the new Gmail address, looking for the option of "forgot password" (even though I don't remember creating a separate account with this email) I get the message saying "there is no accoun
  3. Hi, sorry for the super slow reply. Yes that's where I was trying to change the address but it won't let me. See the original post about the catch-22 situation. Any advice?
  4. I am trying to change the email address associated with my Evernote account – from one Gmail account to another. But when I try to do it through the settings, I get a message saying that the new email address is already in use. It definitely is not already in use, which I verified by trying to login with the new address and getting the message there is no account associated with it. So I'm stuck in a loop. Can anyone advise?
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