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  1. Hi, First of all, is it strange that you cannot submit a bug report directly to Evernote if you are not a paying member?? Bug: 1. Be offline 2. Create a handwriting note (only tried with this type of note) in latest version of Evernote for Android (using a tablet with a stylus) 3. Write something and save the note - call this version SAVE1 4. Add more content (writing) to the note, then exit out of the note - call this version SAVE2 5. Go online and sync Evernote 6. Look elsewhere (e.g. web client, phone, etc.) and only version SAVE1 shows. All additions/changes that make up SAVE2 are lost. Look on original tablet - only SAVE1 shows there too. 7. Result = big problem! Evernote team - please advise. Thanks. Jacek
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