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  1. I am on mac. I don't think this is a table as it doesn't have any of the borders and markup associated with tables. Ideally I would like to avoid tables as they have borders/lines and don't auto-resize to accommodate text and images.
  2. I am attempting to be able to write in a "two column" setup, where I can have an image in one "column" and text along side it in another. So far I have seen this with the evernote webclipper when you save a site as a bookmark. It creates a thumbnail of the site and then puts the URL and description along side it. I noticed that you can add your own text in the two column setup this creates (see attached). I cant seem to figure out how to replicate this in evernote without using the webclipper. The closest I have come is writing text after an image (which only puts it on the bottom line), or using a table. Ideally I would like to have the 2 column setup without using a table, just like what the web clipper is accomplishing.
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