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  1. Hi from Spain, I have just noticed sibce a few days ago that I can't set Evernote to sync with 3G. I try to turn on the slider on Mobile datas for (the screen where you select what apps can use 3G or 4G). And everytime I try to slide to ON, the slider goes back to off. And I can't do nothing to do it. My account is free. I don't know if evernote has decided to block this feature for free users. But if evernote has decided I think is very very bad movement. Regards Marcos
  2. I have just seen that "message has been downloaded as plain text" and I have to click on "download full email" and now is ok.
  3. Hi, I use the "share" and then "mail" option within Skitch on my ipad 2.
  4. Hi, I do share by email skitch images from my ipad 2 to my iphone 4, and I can't open and see the files. Files are on png format. How do I fix it?
  5. Hi, I do have Evernot esince many years ago, and lately I have noticed there are not icons on toolbar. I can't see the new note icon, the delete note, print icon.... And toolbar option is on. Any suggestion??
  6. "install to /Users/YOU/Library/Services. Go to System Preferences >> Keyboard >> Services >> find the service and make sure the box is checked." I can't find the Services folder..and I went to System Pref/Keyboard/ and I din't find Services....I do have Snow Leopard.....any suggestion?
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