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  1. I found the answer... I am now using the 'hardened runtime' as a cornerstone for my app. When using this technology it is necessary to add an additional entitlement 'com.apple.security.automation.apple-events' Once this entitlement was included then the responses to 'AEDeterminePermissionToAutomateTarget' were as expected! Whew! Steve
  2. Hey Brand New User here! I'm a macOS developer who is trying to support Evernote into my macOS application - Kudos. I want to send some simple AppleScript to Evernote from within my application. I've written and tested the AppleScript with Script Editor. Working just fine (BTW Catalina; Xcode 11.4; Evernote 7.14 Basic) My app is sold through the Mac App Store, therefore I must utilize the privacy controls within Catalina. macOS provides this function: OSStatus AEDeterminePermissionToAutomateTarget( const AEAddressDesc* target, AEEventClass theAEEventClass, AEEven
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