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  1. Love the new extension for clipping in Safari, and it' segregation to be able to select the notebook, but i'd really like to be able to assign tags there also.
  2. I got it working with these steps: 1. Sign out of Evernote from the "Evernote" menu. 2. Quit Evernote. 3. Quit the helper from the menu bar menu. 4. Verified no Evernote processes were running in Activity Monitor. 5. Deleted the Evernote application, but none of the support files. 6. Reinstalled from the App Store. 7. Launched Evernote. 8. Signed back in. 9. The new Quick Note worked when I clicked the menu bar icon. Reading what other people have done makes me think deleting and reinstalling weren't even necessary, but at the time I figured I might as well.
  3. You can't exactly follow those steps if you've already updated, since there's no way to reapply the update. I guess I could try deleting Evernote from my Mac, then reinstalling it.
  4. 10.8.2. I am as up to date as you can get.
  5. I am also not seeing the new Quick Note functionality. I have the Mac App Store version as well, but the release notes for that mentioned this feature also, if I recall correctly.
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