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  1. My computer was recently hacked which resulted in me having a virus that took regular screenshots. When trying to find where the screenshots were going, I did a search for all png files on my Mac. There I noticed that there were tons of images generated by Evernote of the 'cards' you'd see in Card View. Even though I use always Snippet View, previews of all my notes appear in a readily accessible directory on my Mac deep within the Library. Because I had previously stored passwords in Evernote, I realize now that these screenshots contained the user/pass of every password,
  2. I've had this issue for a number of updates now. If I insert a check box at the beginning of a paragraph and then hit a hard return in the same paragraph it will delete the last character in the paragraph. Each additional hard return deletes an additional character. My workaround is to hit all hard returns first, then add individual check boxes to each line. It was better in the past, where I could take a single paragraph, add a single check box, and then hit multiple hard returns to automatically add check boxes. The workaround requires repeated use of cmd+shift+T,
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