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  1. @JMichael, a style is not "simply a set of formats", unless you are referring only to the style markup for a span or div tag, etc. In fact, how a style appears is secondary to its logical value: Heading 1 is above Heading 2, which is above Heading 3, etc. By simply dividing a document with headings, and letting the end user's app do the formatting work, a note's structure can be shared and re-shared and always look appropriate to whoever's got it loaded at the moment. Even better, they paste to and from MS Word, wikis, and other apps without any bizarre forced formatting. Kustomnote is a great start! Many of its features are things I've wanted in Evernote for a while. I can't wait for Evernote to buy it and integrate it with the desktop app. KustomNotes look good, but even better is the attempt to embed data in fields. Nice!
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