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  1. Hello, I did a video interview of Phil Libin the day after the workshop at Leweb (you read my notes already). During that interview I asked a question regarding due dates and he said again Q1 2013 so let's hope it's for good this times ! Pierre. PS: I will publish the full video interview on my blog next week.
  2. Hello guys, I am glad you enjoyed my verbatim notes from the workshop Evernote did at Leweb this week. On security he said that many more features are coming up. They just need to implement it properly so it works fine with their search engine because if something is encrypted it cannot be searched or something around those lines. For the 3rd time I had the opportunity to interview Phil at Leweb. This time I did it in video, here's a pic extracted from the video file. I will publish the full interview next week. In the mean time you can always my previous two audio interview following the links below : http://elephantchannel.net/2011/12/tec-011-phil-libin-interview-leweb-2011/ http://elephantchannel.net/2011/08/phil-libin-interview-at-leweb-2010/ Cheers, Pierre.
  3. John, It happens to me sometimes. Usually, the byte count goes back to normal after I quit and relaunch the desktop app. Try that. Pierre.
  4. My episodes are really short, I am sure you will be able to squeeze them in! :-) Thanks for the subscription. Pierre.
  5. Hello, Podcaster for the last 6 year or so and passionate evernoter, I decided to launch a blogcast about Evernote, to share tips & tricks and information about this great service. The Elephant Channel is born and can be found at http://elephantchannel.net/ The content is and will be blog post as well as short audio episodes (< 10min) to download on your favorite mp3 player and listen on the go. A couple of blog post and audio podcast episodes are already online to discuss various subject such as why use Evernote, how to organize your notes, Evernote and IFTTT, etc... Please take a look, listen to the episodes and let me know what you think. I am looking forward your feedback on this project. Until the next time, happy evernoting, Pierre. PS: in case you are into iTunes to listen to podcasts, here is the link to subscribe: http://itunes.apple.com/fr/podcast/the- ... 31285?l=en
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