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  1. Nope see this article and there are others: http://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/executive-insights-and-innovation/google-data-mining-changes-privacy-reform-needed/d/d-id/1251116
  2. You are daydreaming. Google mines every byte of information on its servers that isn't super-encrypted, and I'm not sure it can't--and does-- crack even those. That is their entire business model. Your ownership and control of your servers is what made our data secure and private. You have jacked up your prices, in order to hand over our data to the Behemoth. Congrats on watching your customer base shrink--again.
  3. i disagree. their posts come out of frustration with the product. i'm interested in hearing them. i haven't experienced the op's problem, and i consider a switch to notes like going from pancakes to gruel, but i am still interested in the choices people make and their reasons. there is plenty of space in the forums Would you like it if people hung signs for your competition on your property, just because "there's plenty of room"? I think not.
  4. Good for you. Now, all of you switchers to other products… SHUT UP & POST ON *THEIR* FORUMS! Your whining rants clutter up better-used space.
  5. Do you have something USEFUL to say about this subject?
  6. Color Coding is only eye candy to those who call it that. To some of us, it is great-to-essential. I use Evernote to store checklists, steps, and records that my organic memory can no longer keep, and that I use EVERY DAY. Being able to color code even a fraction of those notes would expand Evernote's usability for me leaps and bounds. Highlighting of text might also be nice, but not nearly as much as the color coding.
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