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  1. I would also like a print to evernote option, it would be really nice
  2. Hi, I use evernote for GTD, and I was thinking that it would be nice to have shortcuts that could do the following; - Tag note (home, work, etc) - Move to notebook Would it be possible to create something like this? If i want to tag a note "work" and then move it to "Next Actions", I could do this with a single click on a shortcut. So it would be a actionable shortcut/simple script. Kind of like "Quick steps" in Outlook. This would be very nice for repeatable actions such as going through the inbox and sorting the incoming notes. I figure a lot of other use cases could benefit from something like this as well This would be very beneficial on mobile as well, where tagging and moving notes feels kinda quirky. It takes much longer to do than it should, especially if you have a long list of notebooks and/or tags. Magnus
  3. Hi, It seems evernote + evernote widget both add entries to the widgets part of the app drawer; Use the widgets that start with "Evernote Widget [...]" instead of the "Evernote [...]" widgets.. The ones which does not have "Widget" in their names gives the error you wrote for me at least Hope that helps
  4. Huh, I checked it on a note just now, and you are right, it works fine. In that case I am sorry, love the product
  5. Hi, some time ago I was working on a presentation, and was thrilled that by storing the powerpoint in a note, i would be able to go back in the note history in case something happened to the presentation (accidental deletion of slides etc) But when I went to check the note history, there was nothing. I contacted support and I was told that attachments aren't part of note history... ? To me, this is kind of a big thing - why aren't attachments "historized"? PS: There were no problems with the powerpoint (this time)
  6. enberg, love the new share-function in the beta, but where is saved searches?? I am using evernote as both a note storage and gtd-system, and were using saved search for @location lists, i hope it is coming back soon? I would prefer if there was a saved searches-button somewhere on the main screen, which would save a couple of clicks and maybe make me use the app more often. And I don't see the point with the "Notes" button in the menu, isn't that exactly the same as hitting search without typing anything?
  7. Just wanted to show my interest; I would like such an android widget too! E.g. snapshot, quicklink to saved search (for e.g. shopping list) etc
  8. Hi, just wanted to mention that I also have been having problems with speed and a long wait when opening all notebooks or a large notebook (on windows). I did a defragment for the first time in ages, and it increased the speed noticably. Just a tips for other users with speed issues, it might help.. I used defraggler - it can defragment individual files, but I guess any defragmenter works
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