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  1. It's fantastic that you guys are going back to the drawing board on this. A couple of thoughts/ideas: - might I suggest that you use CommonMark? (commonmark.org) Markdown is simple to use but it has proven very difficult to unambiguously spec out. CommonMark has created a fantastic spec and implementation which you can start with, and augment with other features like to-dos and tables. They have reference implementations in C and JavaScript. I haven't dug much into the code myself but I imagine that it's not terribly hard to define different types of elements to add them to the grammar. - Most of the Markdown editors I use will style my Markdown text and help me out with lists (look at apps like Typed, TextMate's markdown bundle, Atom's markdown package, or Day One for good examples) without actually changing my text content. That's useful. Then, when I am ready, I can look at the Markdown as HTML in a separate preview view. Evernote's initial approach of converting stuff to styled text in real time is error-prone and somewhat invasive. - GitHub is an example of making it really easy to include things like images in your Markdown by supporting drag & drop. - It's okay with me if Markdown notes are a special type of note that get treated differently than plain text or rich text/HTML notes. I just want Markdown to be treated well in Evernote. (if Markdown notes are a distinct note type, then I would envision Markdown notes being like blog posts or something, in which you have a preview/view mode, and an edit mode) - It would be really cool (albeit more difficult) if you can freely switch between Markdown and the WYSIWYG modes. - It's okay with me if your Markdown implementation doesn't offer full parity with what you can get with WYSIWYG. But since you can include raw HTML in Markdown I think you might be able to get away with making it always possible to switch back and forth between WYSIWYG mode and Markdown mode. - It might be a good idea if Markdown is one of those power-user-only features that is kind of hidden away. I don't think Evernote should become more daunting to new users just so power users have something great to work with.
  2. I also noticed that if you have a bulleted item and you start it with a block of code, it doesn't get turned into code. If the bulleted item doesn't start with code but uses code later in the item, that works.
  3. There are a couple of Markdown things that would be great to have in place: #, ##, ###, etc. for h1, h2, h3, etc. I use these a lot in my own markdown to organize things. Having [links](http://evernote.com) Using - to indicate bullets in addition to the * character (I personally use that one a ton!) Also, fenced code block support would be amazing. They look like this: ``` code goes in here you can have many lines and when you're done ``` Hope you consider adding these!
  4. The tab order in 5.6 is still messed up. In 5.5 I could edit the title of a note and shift-tab to focus on the tags field to add/edit tags. In 5.6 when I shift-tab in when I'm focused on the note's title the focus moves somewhere unknown. Is that behavior not going to be restored?
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