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  1. Wow -- the level of arrogance and total lack of customer support that is demonstrated in the handling of this issue is ridiculous. You could have hired an intern and paid them nothing to convert this -- you've had a YEAR to do this. Maybe you guys should get some project management software? Thanks for ignoring us -- I am canceling my paid account if this isn't fixed in a week.
  2. I agree -- it would be really nice when you print a note to get a header at the top that has the title of the note and the creation date, etc.
  3. That works perfectly -- thanks so much for posting it! For those who want to check it out, it creates a note from all the open tabs with the titles of the tabs and the URLs. Really nice if you want to capture the sites you were researching without leaving the tabs open. Thanks again!
  4. Hi Justin -- That would be great. The most helpful thing would be a script that captures all the open tabs in the foremost window. I always have 10 tabs open in another window for sites I keep an eye on during the day. It would be a pain if it captured all those as well. If thats an easy mod, I would love to see it. Thanks for your help! John
  5. I was looking for a better way to store bookmarks while I am researching something without storing the entire web page or a pdf of it. Dragging and dropping the icon from the web page URL into a note leads to a webloc file that has to be double-clicked to open, and does not work on the iPhone client. Copying and pasting the URL into a note leads to a nice link that can be single click accessed, or accessed directly in the EN client on the iPhone, which is a nice touch. I can't see any advantage to the webloc file. Can the default behavior of the drag and drop be changed on the desktop client so that it acts like a paste of the URL? It would make much more sense than the webloc, unless I am missing something. If anyone else has ideas about how they store bookmarks while they are researching so that they can be accessed between the EN desktop and iPhone client I would love to hear it. Thanks! --- JAW
  6. Thanks -- not quite what I meant though. I would like to have the title and creation/modification date at the top of the printed note above the body. I didn't want just the title... Let me know if this makes sense now. I can add the title again into the body before I print when I need to, but it seems like it should be optional to have a header with this info print out too. Thanks -- JAW
  7. I rarely have to print notes, but sometimes its useful for meetings, etc. Unfortunately, the title of the note doesn't make it on there, or the date of printing, etc. Is there something I am missing? If not, can I put in a feature request for a preference panel about what gets printed, i.e. Note title, header, date? Thanks! --- JAW
  8. Forgot about that trick! Thanks Ron - will give that a try.... JAW
  9. Thanks for the feedback Dave -- good to hear you are working on it! The scripts help in the meantime.
  10. Works great Veritrope - thanks for the suggestion! Happy to see your Evernote to DevonThink script as well - that will come in handy. I really think that a drag and drop or Services capture would be more efficient here... Any comment from the developers on this?
  11. Maybe I am missing something simple, but I cannot figure out an easy one-step way to copy an email into Evernote, and the manual is no help (it refers to using the Safari bookmarklet for some reason). Things that should work, but don't, are dragging an email to Evernote from Mail, right clicking on selected text inside mail and using a service there to capture the selection. The only thing that works right now is selecting text, copying it, and then pasting as a new note. Isn't there a better way??? If there isn't please add any of the above to the feature requests for the Mac version. Thanks for any tips about this!
  12. @donnacha - Is this the same Donnacha from the Things forum? Good to run into you somewhere else... If only those guys worked as hard as the Evernote team it might be a real application. As a workaround for this issue, you can 1) install the 1password menu item (in preferences) instead of the toolbar button or 2) drag the button back using the customize toolbar menu item when you restart Safari.
  13. +1 for 64-bit before any new features. However, you should be able to boot the machine into the 64-bit kernel and still run Evernote. I think its only the drivers that interact with the kernel that have to be 64-bit.
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