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  1. I heavily use the global key ctrl-alt-n to bring up a new note. Lately, the new note is created but the window doesn't come to forefront anymore. How do I fix this?
  2. Thank you. Can you or anyone suggest how to circumvent or be able to search including the "#" character? I have a lot of hashtags along specific lines in notes that I would have loved to be able to search without the need for adding Evernote tags. (I would be surprised if I am the first one wanting something like this).
  3. I tried searching for notes that had #FU (stands for follow up). I use #FU to identify specific lines for follow up. I do NOT use them as evernote tags. However, Evernote keeps returning back all notes with "FU" in them and not just "#FU". Needless to say, that search result is useless to me and would require lot of time to go through all notes just to find my #FU markings. I tried using quotes as in "#FU". But that did not help either. Can someone tell me what am I missing? K
  4. I am so sorry if this has been answered somewhere. I didn't find it though. When I select a note or create a new note, I first add tags or sometimes change the notebook using keyboard shortcuts. But after doing that, try as I might, I can't get the cursor back in the note to start typing. I have no choice but to use the mouse and click somewhere inside the note to be able to start typing. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I am entering content inside a note and I am at the end of the content. Then I press Enter. But display doesn't scroll down to show me the next line. I have to move the cursor up a few rows and then move it down to see the next line on screen. This bug has been there for months now. Not sure if it is related to this beta or if there is a prior stable version I can go to. Incredibly frustrating.
  6. +1 on this. I am surprised no one else has reported. This is pretty frustrating.
  7. I am entering content inside a note and I am at the end of the content. Then I press Enter. But Evernote doesn't show me the next line where I will continue typing although it is there. I have to move the cursor up a few rows and then move it down to see the next line on screen. Incredibly frustrating. Is it just me or is there a bug? Please help.
  8. When I click on new note, I know I can hide editing tool bar and status bar. But is there a way to hide everything, so that it just looks like completely blank screen? It is important for me to write on such pure blank screens as it helps with clearer thinking for me.
  9. +10000000000000 on this feature. Been waiting all my life for this one. Can someone at evernote please please show us some love on this one? This would be the single most productive improvement I would have had in recent times. I promise I will name my fifth born Evernaught. Please?
  10. Bumping. Has evernote addressed this yet? Its been two years of asking and requesting. Would really appreciate if Evernote can look into this as it is very helpful.
  11. I just tested this. I have posted my reply on your main 3.0 beta thread here - viewtopic.php?f=51&t=22129&start=0#p95244. I will repaste here - 1. Loading a plain text note took 12-15 seconds. Faster than before but still slow. 2. Loading a note containing some small images took more than 60 seconds. At least it is eventually showing up but it is requiring me to wait more than a minute before I can see it. Conclusion - there is some improvement but it is not close to the threshold of acceptability. Loading page remains an issue. (Using Android froyo 2.2.1)
  12. Add me to the list of frustrated users on android. There was so much promise for the mobile phone, which makes the pain all the more agonizing.
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