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  1. Windows 10 I've just experienced error 2755, again. I fixed it by moving the evernote.msi that gets extracted into my temp directory to the desktop and executing it from there. My temporary directory is on a RAM drive, So presumably thats the cause, though it only started happening with the last two releases. This is how I create , my RAM disk. Evernote may want to investigate: imdisk -a -s 16G -m H: -p "/fs:ntfs /q /y" mkdir h:\temp
  2. Same situation with 6.18.4. Same solution. I stopped Docker desktop and anti virus and it made no difference. The workaround suggested is not the solution. I know MSIs. The log says it simply cannot open the MSI. Its not related to Evernote installed files. You can see it i the log file are uploaded last time. Any other suggestions?
  3. So I looked in the log file and noted that it could not open evernote.msi. Strange, it was running it! So I ran it directly and it failed. Then I copied the file to a different location and it worked. Maybe an anti-virus issue or Docker Desktop may be interfering. Now I know its machine specific, I'll do more investigation next time there is an update and an error occurs. Like stop Docker Desktop and the anti-virus checker.
  4. When I attempt to upgrade to it gets install error 110. Then this is displayed "boostrap.cpp:981 0x6E The system cannot open the device or file specified" The same error occurs when I manually download the same version directly from evernote.com. My current version is: (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) I have upgraded many many times before. EvernoteSetupMSI.log EvernoteSetup.log
  5. Try installing the Foxit Reader. It worked for me. Right click on PDF and choose Open PDF in Foxit. If its not installed It will take you to to the download site. Download and install it and then Open PDF in Foxit. Fixes both annotation printing @nglyfw and the image size issue @slinkycat (which can be addressed without Foxit by just selecting to 'Fit to page'.)
  6. I've edited the idea to make it clearer that its just using the current Note History plumbing to end up with the local note having a new history copy in the Note History. This was always the intention. Where it occurred - not on the desktop but on the Server - is what this discussion has clarified. All of them that are in my signature. Windows, Mac and iPhone. And Windows is my main platform
  7. I'd like not to be ignorant of when the history copies are made. Evernote, will you tell us? Well at least the part about having a copy locally of the changes and knowing that its synced to the server is proven by having a history item. Objective achieved. Now just need to have the ability to make a copy on demand of the current note. That would involve a sync and a behind-the-scenes history copy. Then just View History and voila we know the job has been done. And a copy has been made of our 'important' state.
  8. Yes, Note History. Thats interesting. OK, so then when does it occur and how long between the copy being taken and it being synced to the desktop? And the request still stands. Higher level view is "I want a history copy taken now of this note if it has changed please." And preferably sync it back as part of the same sync. So then I have a local copy of it in that state. Premium only feature given its taking extra server resources to store the extra copies. Though there may not be that many as a change will appear in history anyway. This just adds a few extra copies. If the extra data might kill this idea, then you could have an option to turn the feature on.
  9. Evernote desktop takes a copy of a note "several times a day". When this occurs is unclear. This is Note History My need is to take a copy of a note at important times. Like I'm going to lunch. Or I'm about to make some major changes to this recently created note and so I'd like to ensure that I have the before and after version. So the request is to add a manual history shortcut key. When pressed, another copy of the current note only is added to the history, if its changed, just like the automatic history. It uses the same mechanism as the current Note History. This runs on the server. So the short cut needs to sync the current note, instigate a history copy on the server and update the local note with the new history copy. You could also help to mitigate sync failures by allowing a user to choose to have every note that is synced copied to history too. Maybe per Notebook. A user might then be able to check the history to see that at least a copy has been held locally. Given that sync may fail quietly, its good to be able to eyeball the saved history. I note that history is kept for deleted items too. Thats cool. I didn't expect it.
  10. Its now 4 months later and its still broken! As a paying customer I think thats quite lousy support. As mentioned in previous posts, installing the previous version works.
  11. One option to clip to desktop is to use a web clipper which supports it. Firefox is one. Its not ideal if you prefer Chrome, especially as Chrome seems to be faster generally.
  12. Its DOES mark the end of a CDATA section! I was after a method of hiding the embedded xml from the Evernote xml. I'm surpised there isn't one.
  13. Using Windows 8 but in desktop mode, as if its Windows 7 The sync gets these errors when I create a new note right now from this web page: http://blogs.technet.com/b/alexshev/archive/2008/03/25/property-does-not-exist-or-empty-when-accessed-from-deferred-custom-action.aspx 08:55:56 [5220] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com 08:55:56 [5220] 0% * loaded updateCount: 42277 08:55:57 [5220] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 08:55:57 [5220] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=42277 08:55:57 [5220] 0% * saved updateCount: 42277 08:55:57 [5220] 0% Updating server items 08:55:57 [5220] 14% Skipping note "Untitled note" in an unsynced notebook "0" 08:55:57 [5220] 86% Creating server note "Property does not exist or empty when...", resource count: 4 08:55:59 [5220] 86% EDAMUserException: errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION parameter="The character sequence "]]>" must not appear in content unless used to mark the end of a CDATA section." 08:55:59 [5220] 86% Skipping resource "73f898504591f2a0268bcd6b22082d23" of an unsynced note "Property does not exist or empty when..." 08:55:59 [5220] 100% Skipping resource "d1a89520aa4539d8e6bea876d8106bbd" of an unsynced note "Property does not exist or empty when..." 08:55:59 [5220] 100% Skipping resource "d9a2edc4969f42fdfd25cac920858e56" of an unsynced note "Property does not exist or empty when..." 08:55:59 [5220] 100% Skipping resource "d822825910bfb763256d22c7dc8c80e3" of an unsynced note "Property does not exist or empty when..." 08:56:00 [5220] 100% 1 item was not synchronized 08:56:00 [5220] 100% * Note 33425, error: The character sequence "]]>" must not appear in content unless used to mark the end of a CDATA section. (ENML_VALIDATION) 08:56:00 [5220] 100% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 3s 08:56:00 [5220] 100% * sent: 145KB, received: 224B 08:56:00 [5220] 100% * 2s (64%) spent in EDAM RPC
  14. I started with the released version and installed the beta because it was suggested it fixed the slow issues!
  15. FF 15.0.1 Win 7 SP1 URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/a85447d9-3dae-44ac-8380-2aaa1a00840c/1f0f0afa513b35744903b1ba47ac29cf Version of Web Clipper I downloaded from the URL above is still slow. I have disabled searching Evernote which is even slower. Clipping whole page takes 12 seconds Clipping couple of lines 8 seconds (time to "Processing clipped data" appearing) A previous version would do a few lines instantly - sub 2 seconds.
  16. You've reminded me about something I read years ago. Its about the indexing method used by Evernote. Punctuation is thrown away and # is treated that way. Hence there is no way to search for it. It does not exist in the index. Unless there is a search method that allows you to search for absolutely anything, but I don't know of such a feature. And @JMichael, do you have a link to a list of differences between EN Mac and EN Win?
  17. I have added notes via email with non-existent tags and I want to find them all and add the corrrect tag. If the title conatins #ABC, then intitle:#ABC will find it. But I want to find ALL tags still in the title. So I tried intitle:#*. I get nothing. Is there a way to do this?
  18. In 3.1 you just hit Page Down. Does it not work in 3.5?
  19. ToodleDo Pro Its a difficult thing to recommend because its about what tools best fit your work practices. GTD itself is very flexible with some key ideas that IMO would benefit anybody. Though whether you need a tool to handle your action lists is another matter. I use toodledo to categorise by actions into the contexts in which I do stuff. E.g. @Computer, @Home, @Work, @Call, etc. I then review these task lists weekly and decide which of the tasks I'll do next - this week. It works for me. But there is a process to how you do this and thats described by David Allen in his GTD methodology. Its very simple. Not rocket science. Give it a read. There is plenty on the web to get you started e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done#Principles and if it sounds like your cup of tea you can buy the book and implement it. I use my Calendar for any tasks that are time critical. If I need them done by a certain date/time, they go in my calendar. I try and keep this to a minimum. The rest of the tasks go into ToodleDo and thus I do not use the date features in ToodleDo. I keep my Inbox at Zero and I look at it when it suits me; not when an email arrives. I've educated colleagues that if they want my attention now then send the email high priority or use an IM. I delete emails if they are irrelevant. I put them in EN if I may need to refer to them in the future. I email them into ToodleDo if its an action I may do someday, but don't care about it for the next few months. I delegate the action if thats appropriate and set a follow up reminder in Outlook I do actions NOW if they will take less than 2 minutes. I email the rest into ToodleDo that I've decided are tasks that need action in the next few months. I mostly use EN to record whatever I find my self using for reference, usually on the Web, and for tracking all my projects - what I've done, what emails I've sent, what people said what and when, etc. Note that I convert doc files into PDF so they are searchable and displayable on iPhone. I have an iPhone 3GS with 16 GB RAM. I have all my EN notebooks synced offline. Its fast. iPhone 3G or less RAM with a large EN database may mean you cannot have it all offline. I have ToodleDo setup something like this: http://www.toodledo.com/forums/5/2660/0/proximos-gtd-setup.html I use searches a lot in the ToodleDo web interface. The ToodleDo iPhone interface doesn't have a good search which makes it a little more clumsy, but I use the web on a PC for my weekly review which is when the searches are most useful so it hardly effects me. I never use the ToodleDo web interface on iPhone. I'm usually at a computer working, so I tend to use the web interface the most. When I'm not working I use the iPhone and its mostly for checking what I need to do where - like what to get from the hardware store - or entering a task thats come to mind that I'll review later. I get business card info into iPhone contacts using CardSnap and thence to Outlook through iTunes sync. This is not complete but I think it will give you a taste of how I use ToodleDo and EN. Note, its possible to use EN for GTD, but I think its twisting EN to do something it wasn't designed for. Check it out for yourself: http://ruudhein.com/evernote-gtd#dates
  20. Get a program thats dedicated to To Do items and read up on Getting Things Done by David Allen. Use Evernote as a reference library and a ToDo app for tasks - e.g. ToodleDo
  21. @sallz0r To know which notes you have processed, make your default notebook one called Inbox. When you've processed it, move it to your main notebook.
  22. @trajanmcgill, well said. But, as EN indexes everything, I'd suggest you put these kinds of 'tags' in the body of the note. Think of them as keywords. This will keep the tag pseudo-hierarchy pristine for your primary identifying factors, and thus more useable for browsing for an appropriate primary tag(s).
  23. @Julian, I agree it would be more powerful for the tags to be truly hierarchical, but it seems to me EN tags are flat. To make them truly hierarchical would require a fundamental design change in EN. I can't see that happenning any time soon. Why not just include a distinguishing name in the common tag? e.g. "Business Travel" and "Personal Travel". If there was a proper hierarchy, in order to distinguish the 2 "travels" you would need to use the hierarchy itself. You can't just add a tag of "Travel" and expect EN to know which one it is! So, having "Business Travel" and "Personal Travel" tags in your current hierarchy is not going to take any more effort to apply the tag. Just drop your note onto the appropriate tag. But of course using Ctrl-Shift-T (EN 3.1 and prior, not 3.5) you can enter "Business", or maybe even less text, and find "Business Travel" quickly. I wonder what you would actually gain in useability for this particular part of hierarchical behaviour if EN implemented it? I started out firmly in the Folders camp. But the more I use tags only as a Folders replacement the more I see there is not a lot of difference between true Folders and EN pseudo-hierarchical tags. Nothing that I particularly miss. (I'm far more concerned about EN continuing their historical addiction to dropping really useful functionality when they produce a new release)
  24. Is there an option when exporting from onenote or importing into Evernote that allows you to ONLY map the onenote folders to Evernote tags? And then you'll probably need to drag and drop the tags around, back into the hierarchy you are used to.
  25. I've been using tags only as if they were folders now for some 2 weeks. It works well. If you are a Folders person, then treat Tags exactly like a folder and you'll get a similar experience to folders. Some downside and some upside. Don't add keywords in as tags. Just put those in the title or the body of the note. Keep your tags to a minimum. Keep your tags structured like folders. Always think, 'where does this tag belong?' or 'how might I want to browse this?' @curtisa3rd, not sure where you get the idea of false advertising of sharing, or exactly what you mean by that. Linking is a feature that is sorely lacking, but is at least being considered by Evernote. @curtisa3rd, does the OneNote beta provide syncing to iPhone and Mac?
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