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  1. Windows 10 I've just experienced error 2755, again. I fixed it by moving the evernote.msi that gets extracted into my temp directory to the desktop and executing it from there. My temporary directory is on a RAM drive, So presumably thats the cause, though it only started happening with the last two releases. This is how I create , my RAM disk. Evernote may want to investigate: imdisk -a -s 16G -m H: -p "/fs:ntfs /q /y" mkdir h:\temp
  2. Same situation with 6.18.4. Same solution. I stopped Docker desktop and anti virus and it made no difference. The workaround suggested is not the solution. I know MSIs. The log says it simply cannot open the MSI. Its not related to Evernote installed files. You can see it i the log file are uploaded last time. Any other suggestions?
  3. So I looked in the log file and noted that it could not open evernote.msi. Strange, it was running it! So I ran it directly and it failed. Then I copied the file to a different location and it worked. Maybe an anti-virus issue or Docker Desktop may be interfering. Now I know its machine specific, I'll do more investigation next time there is an update and an error occurs. Like stop Docker Desktop and the anti-virus checker.
  4. When I attempt to upgrade to it gets install error 110. Then this is displayed "boostrap.cpp:981 0x6E The system cannot open the device or file specified" The same error occurs when I manually download the same version directly from evernote.com. My current version is: (308292) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539) I have upgraded many many times before. EvernoteSetupMSI.log EvernoteSetup.log
  5. Try installing the Foxit Reader. It worked for me. Right click on PDF and choose Open PDF in Foxit. If its not installed It will take you to to the download site. Download and install it and then Open PDF in Foxit. Fixes both annotation printing @nglyfw and the image size issue @slinkycat (which can be addressed without Foxit by just selecting to 'Fit to page'.)
  6. Its now 4 months later and its still broken! As a paying customer I think thats quite lousy support. As mentioned in previous posts, installing the previous version works.
  7. One option to clip to desktop is to use a web clipper which supports it. Firefox is one. Its not ideal if you prefer Chrome, especially as Chrome seems to be faster generally.
  8. I started with the released version and installed the beta because it was suggested it fixed the slow issues!
  9. FF 15.0.1 Win 7 SP1 URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s13/sh/a85447d9-3dae-44ac-8380-2aaa1a00840c/1f0f0afa513b35744903b1ba47ac29cf Version of Web Clipper I downloaded from the URL above is still slow. I have disabled searching Evernote which is even slower. Clipping whole page takes 12 seconds Clipping couple of lines 8 seconds (time to "Processing clipped data" appearing) A previous version would do a few lines instantly - sub 2 seconds.
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