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  1. Latest web version is painfully slow. I don't understand why search is in different spot vs Windows program. The overall design has too much "open space" - which EN seems to think is "clean" - I think it is useless and wasteful. You've "dumbed it down" to "Google Keep level" - you are going the "wrong way" to differentiate your product.
  2. So there's "beta", "current version" and "classic version". I've been on classic last couple years, occasionally go to "current" (which I called new) - and get frustrated by the step backward. So "beta" and "current" are both step backwards to "classic" from what I've seen. Thanks.
  3. "New" web client is horrible. Been that way for years, right ? I just tried it again and it painfully slow. How can a company go backwards for so long and so consistently ?
  4. I have "set new note focus to title" unchecked - and the "lost focus" problem does happen. When I click from another app into EN Windows program note - I used to click once and type. Now that doesn't work - first click is ignored - I have to click a second time to edit. Same version as above. Very annoying...
  5. I click link, get annoying "you are leaving EN" screen, go to link. When I go back to EN web, none of the links in the document are active any more - I have to hit "refresh" to make links clickable. Just me ? Something I'm doing wrong ? Thanks. This is the "old" web version (not the new one that I don't like at all).
  6. Yes, I went back thanks. Hope they improve. The new/latest mobile client is functional and beautiful.
  7. I figured out how to switch back - go under settings.
  8. Switched to new client to try to solve problem. Boy is new client horrible - what a waste of space. It is a step backwards. Isn't that obvious to developers ? Sorry to rant.
  9. I tried undo in the note - information came back. Also tried new web client - boy is new web client HORRIBLE - what a waste of space. Changing font size in the note also lost information. How do you switch back to old web client ?
  10. Text formatting in EN has always been wonky. But I never lost data (to my knowledge). Selected text in a note - changed font size - lost about 1/3 of the lines.
  11. Rather than paying $40 for EN, which is NUTS, I subscribed to Office 365 for $10-20 more. Office 365 is awesome - much better value and utility. I have not yet figured out how to do all the same things in OneNote as EN - not sure all the same functionality can be replicated - but it is clear OneNote can "do the job" for me. Is there offline access with OneNote ? Reading below looks so ? Nice ! https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Can-I-work-offline-d75e8b4d-fd37-4fd7-afbf-4ec285fe76c3?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US
  12. Someone said elsewhere (I think) that historically only 5% of EN's base pays subscription. That shows that it was overpriced. So raising the price is going to help ? Duh. They need a "Lite" tier for $15/year that includes some limited number of off-line handheld stored notes (100 ?). I think a lot of people that will never pay $40 would pay $15 for this "Lite" tier. I am getting more comfortable with OneNote - still in "beta" for me - but I can easily go over and be fine. Microsoft has a winner with Office 365. If you do not have it, try it before sending $40 to Evernote.
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