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  1. I am seeing similar focus issue in (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)
  2. I now have syncing working with the latest version of Evernote. Rather than allowing the automatic update to the new version, I uninstalled the old version, downloaded the new version and installed it.
  3. I uninstalled the latest version and installed an older version (Evernote_4.5.8.7356). Syncing works fine now. Something broke in
  4. I have been using Windows 8 for a while and didn't have any issues until today - I accepted the latest update this morning and now syncing fails. Symptoms are similar to the ones described in this thread. i.e. activity log shows: 08:10:22 [5204] 0% Authenticating user "[MYUSER]" 08:11:22 [5204] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_TIMEOUT 08:11:22 [5204] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 59s 08:11:22 [5204] 0% * 0s (0%) spent in EDAM RPC
  5. I did some more editing in the original note. Did another sync, and now I can see the table content on Android.
  6. I have an old note that contains a 3 column 44 row table. I tried to view it on the Android version of Evernote today and it shows the table, but all the cells are empty. I tried creating a new note on Windows with a new table and synced up. This table displays correctly on Android. I'd like to be able to see my old table note displayed correctly in Android too. I have tried making changes to the note and re-syncing, but I still get empty cells. Any ideas?
  7. I found a solution that works with email attached zip files, but not zip files in Evernote. For email attached zip files, I installed an app called Astro. Somehow this works with both email programs to allow the zip file to be downloaded to the SD card. Maybe Evetnote needs to hook into the same mechanism.
  8. I tried emailing the zip file to myself. Yahoo Mail shows a similar message to Evernote - can't find an application to open it. Google Mail doesn't let me do anything with the attachment. So, I transferred the zip file to my phone's SD card using USB. I could then use my zip application to open it. I understand that this may not be an Evernote issue, but maybe someone reading these forum posts has other ideas about how to configure an android phone so that zip files in evernote can be opened?
  9. I have a note with a zip file attached. When I try to open it in evernote it tells me there is no suitable application installed to support the file type. Does anyone know if there is something I can install that would let me work with zip file attachments in evernote? I'm using a Nexus One phone.
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