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  1. Tried that too csihilling :) Great minds... I modded titles, switched notes to new notebooks, created new notes - none of that worked. I think the bug is also reporting weird storage stats to iOS or iOS is not updating the storage data correctly because my total phone storage is reduced the appx 6GB but Evernote shows as having 31MB of documents and 190MB of total storage use. The total is the exact size of the prior offline selected folders. It's as if it never updated since I went to Download All. 


    UPDATE *****************

    Everyone on Evernote 7.16 and 7.16.1 THIS IS A KNOWN BUG. Notebooks made available pre-7.16 are no longer available offline even if the notebook has the offline icon displayed. That is directly from support. I am guessing the extent to which people are affected varies. If you haven't put your phone in airplane mode and verified your offline notes are actually available, you should do so. The offline icon will appear and the data will not be present. There is no way for you to know if the data is actually cached for offline use if your cellular or wifi radios are active.

    I won't be upgrading again until I verify it being patched and working on another iOS device. 

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  2. So downloading everything works from what I can see. That's a workaround for anyone who has the same issue and the space to hold your entire amount of Evernote data on your phone. Glad I didn't go for the 16GB phone. Performing a backup of notebooks in the Mac app gave me a good idea of how much space I needed. The amount of space being used by Evernote is about the same but in iOS Settings-General-Storage the amount of space being used by Evernote in the list isn't accurate. It's showing the size of the offline notebooks I originally selected. I only know it's all there because the total storage figure went down 6 gigs. 

    Hope this helps someone else and I still would rather only download what I require if anyone knows how to fix this.

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  3. Yeah I do the same but the info was supposed to already be there and the Download setting wasn't doing anything. It's on and I get the message to set it to download for offline use. I turn it off and on again- nothing. Turn it off. Wait. Reboot, clear memory. Set it to download. Hit sync and watch it and hours later it still will never be downloaded. I'm talking about a 185mb notebook with 30 notes, 15-20 pdfs, html in a dozen. Plus it's 2 years old, 5 months old on the device in question. I'd suggest everyone check that they're offline content is there while in Airplane mode. I thought since it was there last month it would still be there. Big surprise.

    Since my spouse changed her pw and I'm not paying for another premium dummy account I uninstalled-installed again and I'm trying a Download All Notes. It has a progress bar at the bottom and you don't even have to switch auto-lock to Never. I switch to Never a lot for that type of thing since background processes can be slow and sketchy. [A little app called System Shortcuts puts an autolock shortcut in the Today pull down.]

    40 minutes in and it's super slow but I have 40gigs of space and my entire account is less than 6 GB. I thought downloading everything was a waste but if it gets it working I don't care. It's killed 10% of my battery doing half an inch on the progress bar. I didn't know so many people were storing so much size wise in Evernote. I'd be pulling my hair out uploading larger quantities of data. I pretty much just do docs with a few images and other things from time to time and Dropbox/iCloud for larger stuff. I'm going to drink a lot of beer and not use the internet if after doing this it still tells me to download the file for offline usage.

    (off topic - Was I the only one who didn't know that Search on the iOS app doesn't include PDFs or file contents just note names and plain text beginning from leftmost character to right? In Android it does the whole nine yards like you'd expect.) 

  4. I already have a support ticket in because this isn't the first time it's happened. It's just the latest and worst. Uninstalling and reinstalling isn't in the list of Premium features and it's not a fix for this issue I'm having. These aren't new notes and files.

    @GrumpyMonkey - Wow! Nowhere near 10GB of data. I'm talking a few dozen notes with html and pdf content none over 100mb. I have LTE and 100MB bandwidth and I'm nowhere near taxing Evernote with sync limits. I just backed up all my notebooks in anticipation of no adequate solution and the entire set is 5.7GB. It's 4800 notes but they aren't bulky at all. I could see your point if this were new notes in new notebooks but these are notes that have been in Evernote for up to 2 years and on this phone (6S Plus) since last time I wiped it and started fresh maybe 5 months ago. The notes in question should have remained on the phone for 5 months but somehow were tagged for caching only. All the notes in the notebook I originally had a ticket open for 2-3 months ago are now gone too.

    @Gazumped - I appreciate the attempt but those aren't fixing it now and haven't previously. At least in the past opening a note while online made sure the file remained stored locally for offline usage and it was only a few random notes. Neither support nor developers could figure out what was wrong. I've gone through bugs with Evernote before and still haven't recovered my organization since riding the backup and restore account reset rodeo with support 2 years ago. I'm still very unhappy about that experience. 5 years of work organizing notes day to day wiped out and I don't have the time to go through thousands of notes sorting. 

    But yeah in summary no way in hell I'm wiping my phone or spending hours/days on fixing their defective app that could be spent migrating to a new platform. Been there and done that with Evernote and I'm through. I have tons of email threads with support just trying to get search to work from last month. This isn't a new thing, it's just worse now to the point none of my offline folders will actually sync. I've created new notebooks and stacks and copied the notes from a notebook that won't sync for offline properly into the new one and set it to offline and it never tries to download the note unless I am viewing it. I've been through the log and sent it in. For some reason the process is broken for my account. I'm guessing this is some DB hitch in my specific account since nobody else is complaining. I'll try a family member's account on the phone and if it works and my problem continues after a turn on the reinstall rodeo then my suspicion will be confirmed. I may also try to create a new account and see if it has the same issues. Maybe being 7 years old it has some aspect to it that a new account doesn't. And here I am spending time trying to fix their product. Shame on me.


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  5. I'm using the latest version of Evernote for iOS (updated 9-6-16 to 7.16 on iOS 9.3.5 not jailbroken) and again problems with my offline folders not syncing notes for offline usage. I have had this issue in the past but only with one notebook and certain notes. In the previous case a few months ago, after manually accessing the notes that weren't synced for offline usage the content remained available offline. Now none of the handful of notebooks marked for offline usage are available offline. I'm not going to pay to manually access a hundred notes and hope they're going to stick around. I'm a premium user & user since launch with a 6S Plus looking for a solution before I end all dealings with Evernote. This isn't the first bug but it may be my last. Notes that I access with no internet connection conveniently tell me that I have no internet connection and that I should download this notebook and show a toggle already set to download the notebook since it's been set for offline access for months like all the others. 


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