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  1. Yes, it's Evernote's Clipper that I describe as braying, not Scott. I apologize for any bray-related confusion. Regarding the suggestion: I find that when companies make choices like this, it's deliberate. Perhaps I'll hear later that the option has been added, and I'll consider using it again.
  2. Sure. So give me an option that makes the damn thing go away without braying additional pointless information at me. Which, I note again, is how web clippers for other tools work.
  3. That I HAVE to press a button to dismiss it is the problem. I shouldn't have to. I said save the page. Do what I told you to do and go away; that's how other web clippers I've used have worked, and unless I'm terribly wrong that's how EN used to work. I'm sure the behavior -- user must dismiss dialog -- was changed to allow EN to shove messages at us, even paying customers (and I am one, fwiw). There appears to be no way to disable the related notes list that pops up. There IS a "related items" option in the configuration dialog, but it refers to search behavior, not clipping behavior. And, in any case, it's disabled for me. When I don't see a useless list of related notes, I get tips I don't want to see either. It's obtrusive and obnoxious in either case, and so I see it as the same issue. Save the information and go away. Don't get in my way. I don't need to be shown other data, or tips, or marketed to.
  4. "For every advantage, there is a disadvantage." No, not really. That's fuzzy thinking at best. I care about a streamlined workflow. I care about not getting ***** features that futz up that workflow. If you love the obnoxious post-clip dialog box, that's great, but it's completely bananas to make a tool LESS sleek with such behavior that cannot be disabled.
  5. The newer versions of the clipper are completely obnoxious with their insistence on showing you tips or related notes before going away. There needs to be an option to STOP this post haste, as it's super annoying. Earlier versions of the clipper didn't do this. The DevonThink clipper doesn't do this. Why EN thinks it's a good idea as immutable behavior is beyond me. I see this thread, and I just had a dialog with a chat CSR about this issue, and reading between the lines this is what I see: It's working as intended; some marketing doofus thinks this is a good idea, and so it won't be changing. I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but the proof is in the pudding, not "we're thinking about it" or "maybe we'll do that". I've had that kind of fluff shoveled my way by no end of services in the past, and in virtually no examples has anything positive happened. If someone has a suggestion for how i can keep the EN clipper from annoying me every time I use it, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I guess I'm looking for a service to migrate to.
  6. For some reason, that option was greyed out until I turned "Keep EH running in the background when I quit EN." I had to turn that option on, then turn the other two off, and then turn off the "keep EH running" thing again. Weird interface cues there, for sure. Somebody needs to fix that. As for the "to show you EN is running," I'm pretty sure that's what the Dock is for. The growing Mac app tendency of "hey, let me stick something in the Menu Bar by default" is even more obnoxious than Win apps longstanding tendency to drop icons on the desktop without asking.
  7. How do I get rid of the menu bar icon? I don't need it, don't want it, and find it tacky. Honestly, it feels like marketing. It's not hard to cmd-tab back to Evernote if I need to add something, or switch to it via Launchbar.
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