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  1. FYI to the Evernote folks; Paper for Dropbox has this feature. I am starting to use it more and more, which makes me start pushing over other things to Paper like projects and team note sharing. I love me some Evernote, but you do have competition on your heels.
  2. +1 here. If i'm going to pay more for EN now I need at least one more perk. This is my number one time suck when doing my daily (cough..cough..weekly....) note organization process.
  3. Have to throw my hat in on this one as well. I recently came under some pretty intense project management and needed to bullet point out a ton of steps. Evernote is just too buggy to trust with this, and the problem is that its my major GTD system. So, now I'm off to Google Docs. I hope everyone doesn't think that EN can't fail, because these little drops tend to make people wander over to possibly better products...
  4. Going with 100 situps, 100 stairs, and water/tea only. Would have tried the water only, but cutting out the beer, wine, vodka, soda and bourbon I think is going to be hard enough. Starting out at 222lbs today and the most excercise I've had in the past six months is the walk to and from my car, which is not a stretch. Let's get it on. https://www.evernote.com/pub/wil_case/30_days_2_nu_lasvegaswil
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