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  1. I was able to get the correct Support screen finally. I'm in the US (North Carolina) and am running a Chrome browser (37.0.2062.124). Thank you.
  2. Thanks. It appears to be working now. Pardon my snark: I'm getting frustrated waiting for 5.6 to hit the Mac App Store (actually, the latest version there is 5.5.1, which isn't even the latest 5.5 version). I wonder at times if EN isn't deprecating the MAS as a channel for selling EN. That wouldn't be a bad thing. I get my OmniGroup software direct from the vendor. But, given the nontrivial nature of migrating from the MAS version to the "standard" version, it would be helpful for the EN folks just to say, "If you want to get the latest releases in anything approaching a timely manner, get them directly from us."
  3. Is it just me? I'm trying to contact EN Support. As a long time Premium member, I was looking forward to using Live Chat. However, the Chat Now button takes me to the default submit a ticket page, where all options are in German. I'm as multicultural as the next guy, but, when I've been paying for premium for many years now, I'd like to know that I can (a) contact a live chat person or ( be able to submit a ticket in my own language. Is anyone else having problems with Live Chat? If it's just me, could you give me some pointers on the secret handshake that has to accompany clicking the Chat Now button? TIA
  4. I created a support query in the proper manner several weeks ago and have not heard at all from anyone at Evernote. Is the one business day response still in effect for Premium members? If so, you may want to check on your audit tools to make sure requests aren't being ignored.
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