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  1. Of course I did the Premium Chat thing, today. During the chat we found that some of the emails I sent would be received by Evernote and some would not be. Same email account, same machine, same email program, same internet connection, same guy sending the emails (me). The Evernote person on the Chat could see that a message I sent to us-support@evernote.com at 8:46 AM was not received but a message sent at 3 PM was. At this end both messages appear to have been sent without issues. It is frustrating to be doing email experiments rather than solving the problems I am having with Evernote. I could demonstrate the issue in about ten minutes with a screen-sharing session.
  2. You're right, same issue, still not resolved. I wish I could figure out why I'm allocated 500 KB for uploads here in the forums but it says "Maximum file size is 10 MB." I actually like this thread better than the other one because this one makes the issue very plain, while the other one was about difficulty in communicating with technical support. I think I'll just lay low and let everyone know the results.
  3. That solves Evernote SENDING things to me. But we have a two-way problem-- Evernote Support is not RECEIVING mail from me, and it's important that they do. What is the Inbox here in the Forums for? Could we use it for this issue? The issue I'm having is rather important-- maybe there's a way for someone to do a screen share session with me. It is in everyone's best interest that this problem be solved. This would be a very quick and sure way of demonstrating the issue.
  4. When you refer to my "evernote email address" do you mean the one that is in my profile, available at the top right of this web page? If so, I don't see how that is going to help, as it's the same as my regular email address. Or do you mean that the emails will come here, to the Evernote Inbox showing at the top of this forum web page? At the moment there are no messages there.
  5. How about you just post the emails pertaining to my ticket right here in the forum? That way I'll see them for sure. From what you're writing, you seem to have access to the emails that Support sent to me. How about copying them and pasting them here?
  6. Heather, are you saying that when your staff says "we are looking into this issue" that it is up to ME to make the next move? I'm the one asking for help! It's Evernote's responsibility to contact ME when they've solved the problem. I did my part. I appreciate that my problem was "escalated" but it was not solved! You can't be serious when you imply that it was my responsibility to do anything more than submit the request. Had Evernote asked me for something I would have supplied it, but to escalate the issue, then close it, and then blame ME for not contacting Evernote-- that just doesn't make sense.
  7. Attached: the email from Evernote that says it's closing my most recent ticket. I received it at the email address that I use for almost all correspondence, and that particular email address is the one that shows here in my Evernote profile. I tried, in my request for help, to make it clear that my problem was not solved and that it did not look like my emails to Evernote were being received (or, were being received, but not read). It does appear that Evernote can send me emails (I always get the ones that say "it's been two weeks, we are closing the ticket"). I even have received a couple of others. But, with regards to this particular ticket, I got nothing between the initial acknowledgement of the request and the "it's been two weeks, we are closing the ticket" messages. By the way, I did fill out the Feedback Survey and basically told the story-- problem not solved, poor communication, rather frustrating, and despite the excellence of the Evernote product the unresponsiveness of the technical support makes me reluctant to recommend Evernote to my customers. I did not receive a response from Evernote. Ticket #16051-59458 Please reopen Ticket #16051-54270.pdf
  8. I am still having trouble uploading PDFs here in the forums. I get a nonsensical message about having 600 KB in my account, over the 500 KB allotted, and "maximum file size is 10 MB." I have PDFs in the 100 KB range that I want to post. How can I do that?
  9. Thanks Heather. I appreciate your help. Is there a way for us to talk tomorrow on the phone? That would be helpful. Here is a quote from what Evernote sent me yesterday. It's copied in the message from Evernote saying they're closing the ticket (#16051-59458). It's my request for service. The only reason I opened ticket 16051-59458 was to ask Support to reopen a ticket that should not have been closed. Sort of looks as if my request wasn't read very closely. Title: Please reopen Ticket #16051-54270 Details: My problem is not solved. I got a response from Evernote that the system would reindex my account, but that did not solve the problem I responded to Evernote's email FIVE TIMES but never got another response from Evernote. Today, I got the standard "we haven't heard from you in two weeks so we are closing the support ticket." NO NO NO. Please go back and find my emails. Please read them. Please help me with this problem. I have customers who are experiencing the same kind of problem with their accounts and we need to get this fixed. We also need to figure out why Evernote tech support does not get my emails. Or, if Evernote tech support does get my emails, why don't I get any responses? *** In the case of ticket 16051-54270, I got exactly two responses: one saying "We want to let you know that we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible" and one saying "It has been two weeks since our last interaction, so we are closing out this support ticket. " Are you telling me that Evernote Support solved my problem, and I didn't receive an email about it? The closure of the ticket was EXACTLY two weeks after I filed it. The problem has not been solved. Did Evernote try to contact me between 1/23/2012 and 2/7/2012? If so, would you please provide those emails? You can just post them here. Keep in mind that the problem is not solved. If I could get on the phone with someone I think it would help.
  10. I, a Premium customer, am trying to get an Evernote issue resolved. I submitted a ticket. I got this on January 23rd, 2012: "Dear christian, We want to let you know that we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Evernote Support" I immediately wrote back (January 23rd, 2012): "Thanks a million. I really appreciate your help." Yesterday, after not hearing anything from Evernote about my ticket, I received this: "Dear christian, It has been two weeks since our last interaction, so we are closing out this support ticket. Should you have any other requests for support, suggestions or questions please feel free to open a new support ticket." This has happened almost every time I've submitted a support request. It's easy as 1-2-3: 1. Submit request, get confirmation from Evernote that the request was received. 2. Wait two weeks 3. Evernote sends me an email telling me "it has been two weeks since our last interaction, so we are closing out this support ticket." Is this typical for you? For me, it is. If anyone can put me in touch with a real live person at Evernote I would appreciate the info. I really like the Evernote product but on the rare occasions that I need support (like I do now), it's just awful. I have a few other examples where I wrote follow-up emails to Evernote several times and still got the "it's been two weeks, we are closing the ticket" message.
  11. So Heather, now that you have the info-- how to handle it? Do you want to continue here in the forum? I would love to send you a PDF that I had attached in the emails but I can't seem to upload them here.
  12. We responded to the ticket twice. Here is the body of the first message. "Thanks for the reply. I am Tom Nevermann's computer man. I stated in our original email that "these are simple one-page scans." I also stated that we are Premium account holders. It does not appear that you really read our message. To me, it looks as if our PDFs are simply not being indexed, as if we are not Premium account holders. Can you look into that for us? I had already read Evernote's requirements for PDFs before emailing support, and in fact I have received the identical email from support when I had a similar issue (and it was similarly barely related to my problem, and similarly did not solve it). I am positive that we are sending you PDFs that ought to be indexed. I am attaching a scan, in PDF form, that did not get indexed. When I save that scan as a JPEG it does get indexed. Exact same document, saved as a JPEG. I would think that I could search for ""COUPON" and find the PDF version, not just the JPEG version. Can you help us?" I would send you the PDF (again) here, but at the bottom of this page it says "Used 697.38K of your 500K global upload quota (Max. single file size: 10MB)." I can't make sense of that. Regardless of it making sense or not, the upload-- which is 217 KB) fails. Here is the second email we sent: "Let me add one more thing: I sent the scanned document, as a PDF, to my own machine via email. I saved the PDF attachment to my desktop, and I then dragged the PDF icon from my desktop to MY copy of Evernote, on my account. In minutes, the PDF came back from the Evernote server, updated with searchable text. If I search MY copy of Everenote for "COUPON", I find the document below. If I search *************'s Evernote account, I cannot locate the document by searching for "COUPON." I can find the document manually on Tom's account, but not via a text search. I think this puts to rest any ideas that there is something wrong with the PDF. It works when imported to my Evernote account but not when imported to Tom's. Remember, even if we search Tom's account via www.evernote.com, we are not able to locate the PDF via a text search. The exact same scan works in my account (on the web, and when using the Mac app). So… there is something wrong with Tom's account. The account name is **********************. Can you please look into that for us?"
  13. Ticket #16051-42713 To be clear, MY premium account handles the PDF just fine-- it is searchable. The same PDF in my customer's premium account is not searchable. Thanks everyone--
  14. One of my customers has an Evernote Premium account. We have determined that a scanned document, if saved as a PDF and added to his Evernote, will not be OCR'd on Evernote's servers and thus not searchable. We have also found that if we open the PDF, do a Save As... and choose "JPEG" (in Preview on the Mac), and then add the JPEG to his Evernote account, the scan WILL be OCR'd on Evernote's servers, and it WILL be searchable. Lest you think there is something wrong with the PDF, we emailed the PDF to me, and I added it to MY Evernote Premium account, and of course it was OCR'd on Evernote's servers and searchable after that. We also tried logging into the customer's account via the web (www.evernote.com) and found that the PDF was not searchable in his account, but in my account, it was. Exact same PDF. It appears that somehow my customer's Evernote account is being treated as a "Free" account and not as a "Premium" account, because NO PDFs are being OCR'd. They used to be, but they aren't anymore. I filed a support ticket and unfortunately received what has become a rather common experience: first, I get a canned response telling me all of the reasons why a PDF might not be read by Evernote's servers. Then, I write back and explain the whole story. Then, nothing happens for two weeks, and then I get a response from Evernote saying "There's been no action on this case for two weeks so we are closing it." So... I turn to the Forum. Can anyone help me with this? We really have two problems: One, we have to get Evernote to do its OCR thing on PDFs, starting now, and Two, we have to get Evernote to "somehow" look at ALL of the notes, because we aren't sure when Evernote quit doing OCR. Basically we need to have the customer's entire Evernote account-- all of his notes-- reviewed and re-OCR'd, as if the notes were being added for the first time. Thank you...
  15. I liked the old bar graph. It showed the usage without me clicking. The Pie Chart icon is misleading. It suggests that I have used either 1/8 or 7/8 of my allocation. But, it turns out the Pie Chart icon never changes. It is not live. That is not good-- I can't think of a good reason to use a chart as a button to go to the REAL chart. Sort of weird. In fact, more than sort of weird-- why click a Pie Chart to be taken to a bar chart? This could be a lot better. As it is, it's misleading. And, it takes two clicks (click to open the usage chart, then click again to close the usage chart). It used to not take any clicks at all. If you must use a button, why not a bar chart button?
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