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  1. So I forgot to report back. Basically - there was no solution. Support gave me an upgrade for the year which - I guess is fine for now - and I'll see what happens when that expires.
  2. An update. I did a get a response (pretty quickly too) with a solution, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. They had me sent in some logs and now I'm waiting for a response to that. Will ping back then.
  3. I'm an Evernote Plus member, which means I'm a *paying* user. But because I'm not at the highest level, I get an "Upgrade" button in the Windows desktop UI. If I customize the toolbar and remove it, the button goes away until sometime later (or if I click some other button, like Sync). I get why you would want to prompt free users to Upgrade and I think a persistent reminder in the UI is totally fair. But I'm a *paying* customer and I want to remove this item. I'm going to file a support ticket but wanted to see what others thought as well.
  4. Correct. Maybe try opening a few notes and closing Evernote. Then reopen it obviously.
  5. I should have posted back. After using Evernote and closing it, and restarting it, it seems to work now. Seems bad UX to disable it even if there is no recent history. Show it - but keep it empty. This entire release is pretty darn horrible though. Very disappointed.
  6. I cannot turn on Recent Notes in the latest version of Evernote/OSX. It is grayed out in the View menu with no explanation. By the way, put me on the list of people who hate this new look. It is so difficult to see different parts of the app now. I'm considering canceling my subscription.
  7. Not sure if this helps, but the clip now goes to "Untitled Quick Note". Previously it was named "Screenshot". Please tell me how to correct this.
  8. While I can start the clip process, it saves to the new note window in the upper right hand corner of my screen (ie, what I see if I click the elephant). I can save that, but this isn't how it used to work. Previously I'd start the clip, click the button, and it saved itself w/o me having to do anything. Any idea on that?
  9. I'm seeing this too. Updated Evernote this morning and I can no longer do screen clips.
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