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  1. Evernote + OCR + Lottery Tickets <> Lottery Ticket Scanner With the Powerball at $1.5B, we all kicked in for lottery tickets. I've got 500 of them and thought about a creative way to check them for winning numbers.... Take pics and put them in Evernote. It should work. Each slip of paper contains 10 lottery ticket number sets. Each number set on the ticket is space delimited, so a search for 5 numbers like 12 32 44 55 56 should result in yellow highlights across all the tickets where each of those "words" appear. But it doesn't work. Even though the pics are in great focus, the search misses some numbers and catches some extras. What's up with that? It really highlighted a flaw in the OCR logic.
  2. I saw another post that said this would be fixed in Scannable 2.1, which I have. I just scanned a single page document with my file type for 1 page documents set to PDF and I got a PDF document. Looks fixed, FINALLY.
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    One Page PDF

    Confirmed! I"m able to Scannable a single page doc with PDF selected and I get PDF. Thanks!
  4. I hear what you're saying, but I still think you're missing an opportunity to serve your customers better and at zero cost. Your system knows my method of payment and you could provide that information on my settings page. You could have a "Billing" tab where I can change over to direct bill, link to my pay service of record, and see payment history. If you read the entire post, you would know why your latest response isn't helpful. I do business with many tens of companies and I can't always remember the unique payment arrangements for every single one. However, it is only EN that hides the information. In every other case, all I have to do is visit the billing page and learn/re-remember the information. What makes this all so ironic is that you are a company that builds a single product around helping me remember stuff but when it comes to getting support about your product, you hide the knowledge.
  5. Dave, Thanks for the reply. I just went to "my account page" from the help menu and I don't see any place for me to setup direct payment with Evernote. I'm not sure how to read your post. Are you saying new users are subscribing to EN with Checkout and Paypal, even though direct charging is available? I'm going to assume that's the case. I'm not sure how it helps me, or the original poster. You really should place a link on the 'my accounts' page to "payment settings." clicking that will take us to whatever page we need to go to based on our settings. HTML is a wonderful thing. It makes hyperlinking possible and provides people direct access to information.
  6. Can I make a suggestion? Could you put a link on the user.action page to both Google and Paypal for updating this info? It isn't obvious to me (or I assume the original poster) that we used paypal. In fact, since you have it on file how we are paying, you could include that information so we know exactly how to insure you get paid. Much thanks!
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