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  1. Great to know. Thanks, Dave! Hope it's easy for ya. Think of all the recycling you're going to divert! Now we won't need to print the pages to highlight with those trusty 3M highlighting devices... you're saving paper AND plastic!
  2. Simple suggestion to the Evernote Ivory Tower: Would you kindly consider adding a highlighting function in Evernote? (You know, much like gmail has one?) I never noticed how incredibly much I love highlighting things, in real life, AND on the "internets". I've noticed that I've been using Evernote like CRAZY to collab with many of my teammates. We log in from around the world to share and update a common account... which is much cooler than sending endless gmail rounds to each other. But the ONE thing I miss most from collaborating with endless gmail threads is the abilty to highlight the most impactful "take aways". Should be an easy fix, right? Adding a highlighter? Right next to the text color change? Love ya much, Evernoters! Anne
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