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  1. im using the newest 17" MBP, I don't have issues with ram, and I don't think I'm asking for to much by not wanting evernote to startup automatically in the background when I start my computer. I've even discussed this issue in IRC channels with other EN users and they think its annoying as well. When I manually remove something from startup items I expect it to stay removed, and not add itself every time I use the program. I think this should be adjusted in upcoming versions. My concern is limiting the amount of applications and helpers starting up at login, decreasing boot time to a reasonable length of time, nothing to do with paranoia. Hows that being a jerk off working out for you?
  2. Is there anyway to keep evernote from adding itself to the startup items, every time I activate the app it adds evernote to startup at login, every time i notice it i manually remove it, however the next time I start EN its back. If theres not a way to do this, anyone know of a workaround to block EN helper from starting up at login. Or how about implementing the ability to disable it in future versions. Im not talking about the menubar icon, Im talking about in system preferences>accounts>login items>evernote helper. I know what EN helper does, I don't need to know why I need it.
  3. When I remove evernote from startup items I still have access to the contextual menu items within safari. (add selection to evernote, add page to evernote, add page to evernote as PDF). Since thats what I use mostly i dont feel the need to have evernote helper start at login. Is there a way to disable evernotes autologin and keep it disabled. When evernote helper is removed from startup items it reappears once I use one of the commands in safari's contextual menu I spoke of earlier which triggers the application to open. So basically Its the application opening that adds helper to login items. I want to disable the helper from being added even if i open evernote.app. I dont want helper to be added to startup items every time I open evernote.app. Is there any way around this?
  4. hello, I noticed evernote starts at login. From system preferences>accounts>login items, I removed the evernote application. At next startup the helper isn't running as expected. However upon the next use of evernote its automatically placed back into the startup items. Is there a way to prevent this from happening. I would like to keep evernote helper from starting at login. Also what does the helper provide when it is starting up at login? Any information would be appreciated, thanks!
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