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  1. True, I guess it is personal. In other words others can't edit or contribute. I didn't think about that. Even though others could comment on my old wiki, no one ever did. It's mostly there for my purposes. There have been times where I've searched for how to do something and then pulled up my own wiki entry, forgetting I had ever written it. :-)
  2. For the past two years or so I have maintained a wiki. For those unfamiliar with a wiki, think of Wikipedia, but smaller. I haven't updated my wiki much because it's not very convenient to log into my Google Sites account to work on it. A light bulb finally went off over my head. Why not just move my wiki into Evernote and offer it as a shared notebook? So that's what I did. As I have time I'm moving my entries over. It's so much easier just to make a quick edit and let Evernote do the rest. :-) John
  3. I have found the same to be true. If a word already appears in a note there's no sense tagging the note with that word. I use tags to group a concept (e.g. San Jose - July 2011 - Receipts) rather than use them to make a note searchable. Only about 1/3 of my notes even have tags.
  4. Well, so much for that! Sorry, I must've missed that part. Another tip: Just do a little scanning everyday. I did this, I spent about 15 minutes a day scanning in my papers. It took a few weeks, but eventually I got through it all.
  5. That's a really good idea, I had never thought of doing that. I set up a list of contextual tags (e.g. @office, @home, @walmart, etc.). When I find myself with a pocket of time I pull out my phone and scan these notes to see if there's something that needs doing that I can quickly knock out. I also like tagging a shopping list to a specific store. For instance say I need light bulbs. Many stories sell light bulbs so I give that note multiple tags. It also allows me to ignore items that aren't relevant. For instance Office Depot doesn't sell yogurt, so why have that on a shopping list when I'm not in a food store?
  6. Everyone is different and I do stray somewhat from the David Allen ideal. What happened to me when I first adopted this was I got carried with the system and wasn't getting anything done because I was too focused on doing everything the David Allen way. I finally had to bend and following his ideas without getting too bogged down if I was doing it right or wrong. Another mistake I made with Evernote was going tag happy. Today only about 1/3 of my notes even have tags. I only use them when I need to group a concept that isn't easily grouped with a search.
  7. My GTD implementation has been a moving target. Here are three blog posts I wrote on the topic. If I have some downtime at the end of the year I'm going to revisit this. What happened is I came up with the system and have had to tweak it here and there to make it work for me. http://blog.johnmayson.com/2011/09/setting-up-evernote-as-your-gtd.html http://blog.johnmayson.com/2011/09/paper-and-evernote.html http://blog.johnmayson.com/2011/09/its-all-been-tagged.html
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