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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can use a Mac at home. I use Chromebooks often also. Well I just do not want cryptic links to a pdf. I like the look of seeing the pdf note as I do when I directly scan it into Evernote. If I scan into a Google Drive folder, what is the process to get the pdf into EN from Google Drive? Again I would like it to look like I scanned it. Not just a pdf small link.
  2. Hello. I am looking for best practices work flow options. I have a free account. I could upload to Plus but was seeing what my options were. I would like to use my Xerox copier at work to create pdf's of my paper. It would scan it in and the machine can email the attached pdf to my Gmail. What is the cleanest way to get those pdfs into Evernote? If I download them into a Google Drive folder can they be imported into EN right from the Google Drive folder? I do NOT want them to be attachments to a note. I would like them to look as if I scanned them directly into EN from a scanner. If that is not possible, can it be accomplished by upgrading to Plus and then emailing each scan into my unique EN email address? In other words the be picture is to us my work Xerox machine to somehow get the scans into EN. My local scanner is slow and I am looking to speed up the import. Thanks.
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